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The Soul obelisk is an artefact used "to harvest the souls of the weak and unready." It is featured in the Soul Wars minigame.

In the minigame, players try to capture the soul obelisk. Once the obelisk is captured, players may use the Soul fragments on the obelisk in order to lower the enemy avatar's Slayer level.

The obelisk is located at the centre of the Soul Wars island.

History[edit | edit source]

After many failed attempts to learn how to prolong his life, Nomad eventually constructed the soul obelisk and used it for his Soul Wars minigame. The souls of many were secretly siphoned to Nomad, empowering him with their energy. Little would he know that the obelisk eventually took a liking to a notable participant, who would later be his downfall.

The following takes place during Nomad's Elegy.

Initially thought to be dead, Nomad was still alive and continued to harvest both souls and divine energy following the return of the gods after Guthix's death. Realizing that the gods would destroy Gielinor, Nomad felt as if it was up to mortal life to fight back, but he did not align himself with the Godless - instead, he allied with Legio Septimus and his ascended. Nomad eventually created an entity named Gielinor with the soul obelisk.

Following Gielinor's demise, the soul obelisk was initially believed to be destroyed, only for it to reappear in its original place in the Soul Wars island. Seeing that one madman had already used it to endanger Gielinor, both Icthlarin and Death decided to appoint a caretaker to make sure no one would attempt to use the obelisk. Depending on the World Guardian's choice, either Zanik or the remains of Zimberfizz would be assigned to watch it.

Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

Below is the quote mentioning the obelisk:

On the deepest, darkest, most mysterious of our backwater islands, an eternal struggle rages, unknown to the residents of RuneScape until now. Structured much like Castle Wars, this will be a "quick to access, tough to master" conflict-based minigame. The avatars of Destruction and Creation vie for control of the Soul Obelisk, an ancient and powerful artefact used to harvest the souls of the weak and unready. Get ready to grab your blade, staff or bow and battle through Slayer creatures, collecting fragments of their souls to feed to the ever-hungry obelisk. Rewards include combat XP while playing the game, Pest Control-style XP rewards and a few new pets for you to lead.
Behind the Scenes - February (2009)

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The obelisk somewhat resembles the rotating obelisks (Yu Pagoda's) that Yu Yevon uses as a magic source in Final Fantasy X.
  • If during the tutorial the player goes back to the obelisk after Nomad has killed the player, Zimberfizz reveals that Nomad created the soul obelisk.