Sorceress's Garden/Winter

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Winter Garden Overview

This is the guide for the Winter Garden.

Winter[edit | edit source]

The Winter Garden consists of 6 ice elementals. The first two located on the left of the maze are rarely seen teleporting people out. This maze is by far the easiest maze, however making one glass of juice requires 5 fruits.

When the first elemental circles around to the other side, you should make a jolt for the pocket. The spot you must run to the area that can be seen in the picture on the left. You do not have to be fully in the pocket to be out of sight. You can simply stand at the entrance of the pocket and watch for the rotating elemental to pass by before continuing to step 2.

This part is the most difficult part of the winter garden. You must watch three elementals and time your moves perfectly. You watch the elemental above you which circles the long piece and the one on the far right that patrols north to south. When they line up and both go north, you should follow behind the one above him on the left side of the path. Once you reach the top, both elementals will travel south. You simply run around the corner and the maze will be complete.

Note: You can wait in the gap for the elemental to go south, then run around (as shown in the image). This can add time to each run but it assures success at the end.

The "One-Click" Trick[edit | edit source]

This trick makes the Winter Garden a lot easier. When you enter the garden, set your compass south (the North arrow is pointing down); you should see three elementals, one straight ahead of your character, one to the north, and one to the south (patrolling a long wall). When the one to the south (patrolling the wall) starts turning to the other side of the wall, click the area where the tree is, you should run straight through the whole course. You can also watch the southern elemental (patrolling a long wall) on the minimap, and when it's next to the last two bushes click the area around the tree. This trick works well, although the elementals will get out of sync when they stop to catch you and therefore your timing will be thrown off each time. Also, sometimes, even when an elemental spots you, because you're on the move, it will give you the messages that you've been spotted, but the elemental's teleport spell won't fire because you've moved behind a wall and you'll actually be safe to complete the course.