Sorceress's Garden/Summer

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Summer Garden Overview

This is the guide for the Summer Garden.

Summer[edit | edit source]

Level 65 Thieving is required to use The Summer Garden. For the first elemental in the summer garden, go as far right as you can go without entering into the patrol path (shown), and with running on go down to the safespot in the middle when the elemental has turned around. Once you have done this, run down to the bottom of the patrol area when the elemental has passed, and you have got past the first elemental. Walk down as far south as you can go until you match the image. Once you are here you must wait for the elemental to walk past you, and then run down to the safespot at the bottom of its patrol. Walk up as far north as you can go before coming to a block. Now wait for the elemental to patrol south past you and run (you may get away with walking) up past it. Walk up until you are standing between the two flowers, then once you are here, do as this picture tells you, running up to the momentary safespot (this will not remain a safespot for long so make sure you are paying attention!). As previously said, you must be on your toes here. Run to where this picture shows and then immediately go to where the next picture shows a person standing. Now you must get past this elemental. Wait until it has turned around and then run as shown to the next safespot. If you are collecting herbs, you can now safely get to them (except if you are standing where the elemental is looking at in this picture).

Since Jagex's changes to the elementals in the minigame, this is now the hardest part in the whole garden to do. The quickest way is to tackle two elementals at once, as this picture shows you. Click at the safespot once the first elemental has almost passed you, and the other is in that position. If you are running, you should make this. (There is some leeway to your timing, though too much will mean you get caught). The two elementals can be handled sequentially, although this takes longer. From the starting position, run north all the way up the path when the first elemental clears out, then click in the garden. You will then run down the other path while the second elemental is out of the way. If the first method is not working for you, try the second method, as sometimes it seems the game gives elemental slightly different timing that makes the one-click method very difficult or impossible.