Sorceress's Garden/Autumn

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Autumn Garden Overview

This is the guide for the Autumn Garden.

Autumn[edit | edit source]

Begin by positioning yourself in the spot beside the path the elemental patrols. Wait until it tags the wall and turns around before making a quick dart to the "hiding alcoves" in the walls. Also, don't get too close to them or they will teleport you out.

Wait once more for the elemental to tag the wall on the other end, and once it passes, make another run around the corner and to the position shown in the picture. This elemental patrols a short back and forth path with a total of three alcove to hide in. Ignore the ones on the right hand side.

Click on the alcove in front of you, just as the elemental has turned and is lined up with the starting part of the left hand outcrop in the wall. You will follow the elemental and go into the alcove just as it turns. It might seem like you're spotted, but this part is actually not hard, with quite a large margin. Ignoring the right hand alcove saves you time.

Now comes the hardest part: Moving around to the other side. This takes timing; as it's hard to run around while both elementals are unaware that the player is present. However, simply wait until both elementals are in sync, looking away and then run around into the spot in the image. From here none of the elementals can spot you. The key to getting it right is clicking just when the upper elemental is travelling left in the picture, lined up with the left part of the entrance above you. At the same time the vertically travelling elemental must be facing downward. This is only possible in about three out of the elemental cycles, before they repeat their movements again.

You're almost done with the maze. Wait until the rotating elemental is on the other side of the wall. Then go for the alcove on the right hand side.

Once you're safe and secure, wait once more for it to return to the other side before taking a long run to the huge alcove far off, be sure that the elemental below you has passed going left. Much better than heading for the alcove as in this picture, step up into the doorway which is also a safe spot. This will let you ignore the lower travelling elemental.

The Herbs in the north-east part of the garden give out 2 grimy herbs and 50 exp in farming. This is a good method to get people started on farming. You can earn around 250k-350k gold coins and 2.5k farming exp per hour.