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The Sophanem Dungeon consists of a series of tunnels under Sophanem which are filled with a variety of scabarite monsters. It is accessed during the Contact! quest, in which the player searches for an underground route to Menaphos. The monsters found throughout the dungeon have high max hits for their level, and a relatively large wander radius. The dungeon also has many traps which can damage players in a variety of ways. The entrance to the dungeon is a ladder located inside the temple in northeast Sophanem.

This dungeon is a dark area; a light source is required to be able to attack monsters and prevent damage from swarming insects.

Dungeon info[edit | edit source]

Bank level[edit | edit source]

The first section contains Sophanem's bank, which can only be used if the Contact! quest has been completed. Here, you can buy an unlit torch from the Sophanem guards for 200gp. This section has no monsters and does not require a light source. After starting the Contact! quest, the rest of the dungeon can be accessed via a trapdoor next to the ladder.

The Bank of Sophanem

Maze level[edit | edit source]

When entering this section, players should bring a light source with them.

This section is a large maze containing level 75 Scarab mages and Locust riders, which can do moderate to high damage on a player who is unprepared. There are also five types of traps throughout the maze which can damage players (see the map below for locations of these traps):

  • Floor traps - These can be identified by line markings on the floor, which are simply labelled as "Floor". They can be searched by clicking on them, and then avoided using the Agility skill. Players who are unsuccessful or attempt to walk across without searching them first will take damage.
  • Wall traps - These can be identified by small holes in the wall, labelled as "Odd markings". These are functionally the same as floor traps, but are instead avoided using the Thieving skill. The southernmost wall trap on the map has succumbed to rust and will not activate.
  • Crushers - These are alternating rows of bricks that constantly push out of the walls and cause damage to players who walk into them. They can be avoided by staying on the opposite side of the wall from them, and moving diagonally to the other side as needed.
  • Sand pits - These are small, barely visible circles of sand that occupy a single tile. When stepped on, a level 12 Scarab swarm will appear and attack the player. The swarm deals very low damage and will despawn if the player moves far away from it.
  • Scarab traps - These are potentially the most dangerous traps in the dungeon. They can be identified by a small golden scarab symbol on a wall, which can't be examined. Players who step on the tiles adjacent to this symbol will fall down to the cavern section and have their light sources extinguished if possible. As these traps only occupy tiles along one wall, they can be avoided by staying on the opposite side while moving past them.

Cavern level[edit | edit source]

The most dangerous part of the dungeon
Heading towards the large cavern with the chasm and Maisa

In addition to the scarab traps, a player can voluntarily enter the cavern section by any one of the eight ladders. Using the ladders marked 2 and 6 on the map provides a faster alternative route to the end of the dungeon's maze, but doing so may result in high damage taken from many monsters attacking at once.

The monsters in this section are level 75 and come in melee, ranged and magic varieties. Players may have to swap protection prayers according to which style is hitting the most frequently. It is very easy for lower level players to die here due to the high amount of monsters found close together.

The final section of the dungeon is a part of the cavern that is only accessed by taking the correct ladder in the maze. This is where the player meets Maisa and fights the giant scarab during the quest.

Monsters[edit | edit source]

Personalities[edit | edit source]

Map[edit | edit source]

Scarab mageLocust riderGiant scarabKaleefMaisaSophanem Dungeon#Maze LevelSophanem Dungeon#Maze LevelSophanem Dungeon#Maze LevelSophanem Dungeon#Maze LevelScarab swarmSophanemGiant scarabKaleefMaisaScarab mageScarab mageScarab mageScarab mageScarab mageScarab mageScarab mageScarab mageScarab mageLocust riderLocust riderScarab mageScarab mageScarab mageScarab mageScarab mageScarab mageScarab mageLocust riderLocust riderLocust riderLocust riderLocust riderLocust riderSophanem Dungeon map.png

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