Solution 194

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Solution 194 was a medicine invented by the pharmaceutical researcher Herbi Flax during the recent Fifth Age. The solution was designed to cure the Sanguinesti Affliction, a deadly mind-altering disease that had infected the Morytanian town of Mort'ton.

Solution 194 was one of many attempted cures for the disease, most of which were created by Herbi Flax and his assistant Liornish Stemplehair when the disease began to infect the townspeople. Containing harralander, marrentill, and ashes, 194 was the first of Flax's inventions to exhibit any sort of resistance to the Sanguinesti disease, curing the victim for several minutes.

194 was extremely limited in its application, however. The solution cured only those showing early signs of infection, while those nearing the point of becoming an Afflicted experienced little, if any, improvement. The cure was also very temporary, lasting only several minutes before the victim lost their mental control. This, combined with the lack of supplies due to Mort'ton's fleeing populace and deterred traders, made Solution 194 on its own little help to those seeking a cure.

Herbi Flax did, however, use the solution as a starting point in further tests, inventing a number of new solutions. Solution 198, for instance, contained snake weed, although it did not prove as effective. Flax would eventually improve 194, using tarromin and ashes as a longer-lasting cure.

As Mort'ton fell into ruin, its healthy citizens dwindled. Eventually, both Flax and his assistant contracted the disease, descending into madness or dying in their animal-like state. The research in Flax's diary would not make its way to the scientific community of Varrock until the Shades of Mort'ton quest, during which players discover the disease's permanent cure; Serum 208.