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Starting off at Solak[edit | edit source]

Solak, like Nex: Angel of Death, is a very damage-centric boss. Therefore it is recommended to have a thorough understanding of ability usage and rotations, and employ niche tricks that increase DPS. The average high level Solak preset is notably low in adrenaline or stat-draining foods (such as sailfish or Saradomin brews), and will have a significant amount of blue blubber jellyfishes and Guthix rests instead, as those do not cause any stat or adrenaline reduction upon use. Additionally, it is highly recommended to learn the boss with Magic or Ranged, as they are more flexible compared to melee.

Unlike the Angel of Death however, who is meant to be fought as a seven-man team, Solak can be fought in any team size from two to seven players. The team size scales his health and most of his mechanics. Damage is still consistent throughout all sizes. Beginners are advised to practice in four-man encounters, as the death of a teammate in phase 2 or 3 should not impede the overall kill. Lower sized teams provide better splits, but require all players to be proficient at the boss as a single death phase 2 or 3 will result in a fail. Likewise, teams larger than four often results in a messy and very chaotic first two phases.

Players who possess Erethdor's grimoire will find that it will not degrade in Solak's arena. It is highly recommended to bring this if possible, with a Scripture of Ful or Scripture of Jas as alternatives. As a group boss, Flanking is a very powerful switch to deal additional damage.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Roles in 7-man fight

Solak has 3,000,000 health, with an additional 1,000,000 health for every additional player in the fight, capping at 8,000,000. He uses both melee and ranged attacks, with his melee attack exclusively used on his main target. The melee attack has 100% accuracy and deals up to 4,000 damage, in addition to possessing a range of twenty tiles. The melee attack also "shatters" into ranged attacks that hit players up to twelve spaces from his main target, also dealing up to 4,000 damage.

Unlike the melee attack, the ranged attacks are considered normal attacks and can be blocked with sufficient armour rating. He possesses an attack speed of 5, except for a specific stage in phase 1 in which it is increased to an attack speed of 3.

Compared to other high-level group bosses like the Angel of Death and Mazcab raid bosses, Solak does not have any special enrage stacks towards his main target. Due to the 100% accuracy of his melee attack however, the base tank should not lower their guard.

In addition to his auto-attacks, Solak also employs blight damage. It is indicated by a purple coloured hitsplat (Blight hitsplat.png). Many of his special attacks inflict blight damage. Blight damage is dealt the same way as standard attacks, although some blight attacks will ignore Debilitate and Reflect, but still be blocked and healed in full by Resonance. Others completely ignore these and can only be blocked by Barricade. Some, but not all special attacks that deal blight damage also apply a debuff (Blight status icon.png) that increases damage taken by Solak's autoattacks and some of his special attacks 1% per stack. All blight stacks can be removed all by interacting with Merethiel in the second and third phases. This is automatically cleared in the final phase.

In terms of defence, Solak possesses a Defence level of 70 with 55 affinity towards all combat styles. He is susceptible to poison, reflect, leech and the inquisitor staff.

Basic attacks[edit | edit source]

Melee attack[edit | edit source]

Solak attacks his main target with a melee attack that has a maximum hit of around 4,000 damage. His melee attack damages only the main target; it is not AoE. The melee attack always inflicts damage; if it misses, a second hitsplat immediately deals damage equal to half of the original melee hit. Solak's autoattacks normally have an attack speed of 5 ticks, but at certain points it can temporarily increase to 3 ticks between attacks.

Unlike other high-levelled bosses like Nex: Angel of Death and the Liberation of Mazcab raid bosses, Solak's melee attack does not cause any additional side effects.

Ranged attack[edit | edit source]

Whenever Solak attacks a player with melee, all non-tank players within 10 squares of Solak will be struck with ranged attacks. These attacks are "telegraphed"; if the attack is successful, then a ranged projectile (consisting of a round ball) will appear, which can deal up to 3,000 damage, and damage is taken before the projectile hits the player. If the attack misses however, then no projectile will appear.

Blight damage[edit | edit source]

Solak can inflict a special type of damage, known as blight damage. It is indicated by a purple coloured hitsplat (Blight hitsplat.png). Many of his special attacks inflict blight damage. Blight damage is dealt the same way as standard attacks - either as a normal hit (in which Resonance will heal in full), a soft typeless hit (Resonance blocks the attack) or hard typeless in which no defensive ability outside of Barricade blocks the damage dealt. Most of Solak's blight attacks fall under the normal or soft typeless category, with only the homing roots in phases 1, 2, and 3 being hard typeless.

Some, but not all special attacks that deal blight damage also apply a debuff (Blight status icon.png) that increases damage taken by Solak's autoattacks and some of his special attacks 1% per stack. All blight stacks can be removed all by interacting with Merethiel in the second and third phases.

Merethiel[edit | edit source]

Merethiel assists players throughout the fight. She can cleanse all blight stacks from players, occasionally attacks Solak with magic, and can direct Solak's aggression towards her.

Extra action button[edit | edit source]

The battle with Solak involves the Extra action button (Solak extra action button.png). It is used in the second, third, and fourth phases; in the second phase, it deploys the Nature's Blessing dome, and in the third and fourth phases, it is used to enter Solak's mind. Additionally, if enough time has passed since entering the mind in the fourth phase, the button can be used to leave it.

Mind realm[edit | edit source]

Solak's mind becomes accessible in the third and fourth phases via the Extra Action button. It is a copy of the boss arena where Erethdor and his manifestations can be found. Players inside the mind are affected by the "Withering" debuff (Withering status icon.png), reducing all healing from food and potions to 0. Other healing methods still work.

Phase 1[edit | edit source]

Duo Trio 4-man 5-man 6-man 7-man Effect when met or depleted
Solak (start of phase) 3,000,000 4,000,000 5,000,000 6,000,000 7,000,000 8,000,000 N/A
Solak (damage cap) 2,250,000 3,000,000 3,750,000 4,500,000 5,250,000 6,000,000 All damage taken capped; replaces all special attacks with arms becoming attackable
Volatile rootling 20,000 32,500 45,000 57,500 70,000 82,500 Prevents a blightbound lasher from spawning
Blightbound lasher 50,000 (160,000 maximum) 50,000 (260,000 maximum) 50,000 (360,000 maximum) 50,000 (460,000 maximum) 50,000 (560,000 maximum) 50,000 (660,000 maximum) N/A
Solak's arms 60,000 75,000 90,000 105,000 120,000 135,000 Legs become attackable
Solak's legs 50,000 65,000 80,000 95,000 105,000 120,000 Spawns blight afflicted core
Blight afflicted core 250,000 375,000 500,000 625,000 750,000 875,000 Ends phase

Attack rotation:

  • 2 autoattacks
  • Green spore bombs and soft typeless followup hit
  • 3 autoattacks
  • Volatile roots spawned
  • 14 autoattacks
  • Stunning roots attack
  • 7 autoattacks
  • Blight bomb
  • 7 autoattacks - attack speed increases significantly after third autoattack
  • Blight bomb
  • 3 autoattacks
  • Arms attackable
  • Legs attackable
  • Blight afflicted core spawned
  • 7 autoattacks
  • Repeat from green spore bombs until core is destroyed or Solak reaches the HP cap, in which case all special attacks are replaced by his arms becoming attackable

The fight begins once a player challenges Solak, either via a dialogue box or quick-starting by right-clicking on him. Solak will remain focused on the player who initiated the fight unless they die or someone provokes him, apart from a specific mechanic on phase 2.

When Solak reaches 75% of his maximum health, all damage dealt to him is reduced by 99% and any special attack he would use is replaced with rooted arms.

The ideal goal for this phase is to reduce his health to 75% before any mechanic may be used a second time, as this will save significant time; dealing with a mechanic just as the arms become attackable is highly dangerous, and will more often than not result in death.

Green spore bombs and burst[edit | edit source]

Green spore bomb

Solak begins with 2 auto-attacks before yelling I will replenish the earth with your bones, generating yellow sparks on his hands in the process. He will launch a single bomb for each player in the arena, each one having a random impact zone around the arena. If the bombs are not intercepted, all players receive 5000-6000 soft blight damage and are applied 5 blight stacks for each bomb that was missed - to prevent this, players must stand underneath the impact zone to intercept the bomb.

If the bomb is grabbed, the players' Bladed Dive cooldown is automatically reset.

Regardless if the bombs are taken or not, a bar will slowly fill over the players. When this bar fills, anima will burst from them, dealing 7,000 to 10,000 damage. The damage is lowered the closer players are to each other, and it is not an AoE hit. This burst is classified as soft typeless damage.

Volatile rootlings[edit | edit source]

Just as the bomb burst goes off, Solak will yell The roots of the tree are one with us., spawning eight volatile rootlings around the edges of the arena, two in each direction. If ignored, they transform into blightbound lashers, who deal extremely high ranged damage that hits everyone in the arena who is within range. The timer to convert to lashers is slowed when tagged, so all roots should be tagged.

The rootlings do not possess any combat level, making them susceptible to the effects of dominion mines. Like Solak, the rootlings are susceptible to the inquisitor staff.

Blight roots[edit | edit source]

Roots can travel across the map and hit all players to reach you

14 auto-attacks after spawning the rootlings, Solak will yell The roots below bend to my will., shaking the arena and targeting two random players (including the base tank) with a root attack. A yellow pointer arrow indicating the direction the roots will come from and a popup text box will appear stating Roots are preparing to rush you from the edge of the arena! Look out! [#] (seconds)

The amount of time given varies from 8 ticks to 24 ticks. When the timer hits 1, the roots will prepare to merge, and upon hitting 0 ticks, three sets of roots will converge on the targeted player's position - one from the pointer arrow, and two from each side of the pointer arrow. Any player who gets caught in this attack will be stunned, take up to 2,500 blight damage per tick and have 2 blight stacks applied per tick.

Blight bombs[edit | edit source]

7 auto-attacks after the blight roots, Solak will target two non-tank players with deadly blight bombs, indicated with the message A deadly blight begins to fester within you. A bar will slowly fill over these targeted players, which when filled, will cause a blight burst that deals up to 4,000 blight damage and damages anyone within three tiles of the player when it explodes. There is no other effect from these bombs.

Whenever Solak applies these bombs, his melee attack will register one tick slower than it normally would. After the first pair of bombs explode, Solak's attack speed is temporarily increased to 3.

Rooted arms & legs[edit | edit source]

Three auto-attacks after the second blight bomb, Solak will teleport to the centre of the arena, facing south as he roots both his arms and legs to the ground to absorb anima from the Grove. His body will become unattackable, though his arms will become attackable in the process. He does not attack players during this state. After depleting their health pools, his legs become attackable. Both have timer bars which show how much time is left to disable them.

If the timer runs out before they are disabled, Solak will yell MWAHHAHAHAH, inflicting 4000 blight damage to everyone and summons 3 blightbound lashers, each with 50,000 life points. He resumes attacking players, returning to the start of his attack rotation.

The arms can only be harmed with AoE abilities by magers using Dragon Breath on the arm furthest from them, or with Chain.

The legs are closer together, allowing both ranging and meleeing players to bring their own set of AoE abilities against both legs. Ranging players using Bombard should target the left leg, due to large monster hitboxes focusing on the south-western most tile, which is enough to hit the right leg. Melee players should stand in between both legs.

Both the arms and legs are susceptible to the inquisitor staff.

Blight afflicted core[edit | edit source]

Once his legs are disabled, a blight afflicted core will appear in front of Solak. Its life points are shown in the second bar of this phase. To advance to the next phase, the core must be destroyed. After 18 seconds have passed, if the core is not destroyed, Solak will yell How futile. You are weak, disgusting creatures!, recalling the core. He will also yell this when the core is destroyed, although Solak will follow up with additional dialogue to proceed to the next phase.

Solak will repeat his attack pattern until the core is destroyed. During the repeated rotations, the deadly blight bomb is only used once instead of twice.

The core is susceptible to the inquisitor staff.

Phase 2[edit | edit source]

  • 4 anima eruptions spawn, anima storm
  • Infinite autoattacks until all eruptions are cleared
  • 5/6 autoattacks
  • Yellow anima bombs
  • 12 autoattacks
  • Blight rain (Nature's Blessing dome 1)
  • 7 autoattacks
  • Binding crush (Arm climb)
  • 4 autoattacks
  • Blight rain (Nature's Blessing dome 2)
  • 7 autoattacks
  • Purple Tornado
  • 7 autoattacks
  • Root Arrow on base
  • 4 autoattacks
  • Blight bomb
  • 3 autoattacks
  • Root arrow on base
  • 4 autoattacks
  • Blight rain (Nature's Blessing dome 3)
  • Restart from anima bombs if not at 0% corruption
Duo Trio 4-man 5-man 6-man 7-man Effect when met or depleted
Solak (start of phase) 2,250,000 3,000,000 3,750,000 4,500,000 5,250,000 6,000,000 N/A
Solak (damage cap) 1,200,000 1,600,000 2,000,000 2,400,000 2,800,000 3,200,000 All damage taken capped
Solak (damage cap before destroying eruptions) 2,100,000 2,800,000 3,500,000 4,200,000 4,900,000 5,600,000 All damage taken capped
Anima eruption 30,000 45,000 60,000 75,000 90,000 105,000 Sends players to anima storm; final eruption lifts damage cap
Anima storm 200,000 300,000 400,000 500,000 600,000 700,000 Stops dealing blight damage

The second bar now starts at 100%. The next phase begins when it lowers to 0%, and Solak gradually loses blight corruption as he takes damage; whenever he uses special attacks, the bar decreases significantly faster.

When the phase starts, Solak will become unattackable for around four seconds after the core is destroyed, allowing players to move to their next position. The phase officially begins when he yells WATCH AS THE GROVE BLEEDS. He will slam his arm to the ground and apply five blight stacks to all players. If the player's blight stacks are somehow over five from the previous phase, he lowers it to said amount. This is indicated with the message Blight stacks start to rip through your veins. You now have 5 stacks of blight.

If Solak's life points reach 40% of his maximum life points during the phase, all damage dealt to him is reduced by 99% and his corruption bar drains faster. He will automatically phase if the bar is emptied and he hits his health cap.

Anima eruptions and blighted anima storm[edit | edit source]

In addition to the five blight stacks, four anima eruptions will spawn in the corners of the arena. These four eruptions power a blighted anima storm hovering in the center of the arena. While the storm is active, it will periodically drop a blight bomb that hits the entire arena, dealing up to 2,000 blight damage and applying a single stack of blight. In addition, a blight cloud will form around the center of the arena, its size dependent on how long the storm has lasted. This will damage any player standing it in for moderate blight damage.

The eruptions possess a Defence level of 55 with 70 affinity towards magic attacks, and 10 to melee and ranged. Due to the low defence of the eruptions, any tier 80 or higher weapon will easily hit them. Unlike the additional targets from the last phase, the eruptions aren't susceptible to the inquisitor staff, instead being susceptible to the hexhunter bow.

After the eruptions are destroyed, it will be leave behind a blue circle that slowly generates a gust of air around 5 or so seconds upon appearing, launching players in the nearby area up into the sky to tackle the blight storm. The blight storm can be attacked by simply rapid-clicking on it, in which players automatically deal damage to it listed below. Players automatically drop back down after five seconds in the air, accompanied by the message You land softly on the ground.

The damage dealt to the storm is: .

If the player's blight stacks are above ten, they will begin healing the storm instead of damaging it.

If all players are launched into the air to deal with the blight storm, Solak will simply remain where his main target was until all players drop back down and immediately reaggro on the base tank upon their landing. If there are player(s) still on the ground but the base tank is not among them, Solak will immediately focus on a random player. He will perform an infinite amount of auto-attacks until all four eruptions are destroyed.

Even if the storm is dispelled before all four eruptions are cleared, they will need to be cleared regardless, as Solak reduces all incoming damage by 99% upon reaching 70% of his maximum health if they aren't cleared.

Anima bombs[edit | edit source]

Around six auto-attacks all four eruptions have been destroyed, Solak shouts Rip the earth open! Spill the blood of life!, causing bombs of anima to erupt from the ground. The bombs slowly rise up from the ground before landing back down, dealing soft typeless damage to anyone in a 7x7[source needed] area around the bomb. The damage from each bomb starts out low, around 750 damage, but increases as they continue to spawn, up to around 8,000 damage.

Solak's large size means that he can conceal some bombs underneath him, so it's important to flatten the camera as much as possible and take note of particles to avoid the bombs.

Nature's Blessing and blight rain[edit | edit source]

10 auto-attacks after beginning the anima bombs, a yellow dome will appear on the northern side. Clicking on it will cause the player to gain the "Nature's Blessing" ability - this is used against an upcoming attack and can be activated by clicking the "Extra Action" button on the player's interface. Each dome contains three charges of this blessing.

Solak will yell The power of the grove in its purest form. LET IT RAIN DOWN UPON YOU. one auto-attack after the dome appears, and he will raise his right arm as a warning indicator for this attack. One auto-attack after he returns to normal, five blight bombs will converge on all players in the arena, dealing up to 8,000 soft blight damage per hit.

By using Nature's Blessing, a protective dome will appear around the user, which protects all players in a 3 tile radius from the centre from 75% of the incoming bomb damage.

This attack is used again four auto-attacks after Binding Crush and four auto-attacks after the root arrow on base.

Binding Crush[edit | edit source]

4 auto-attacks after the first barrage, Solak will yell I'll crush you like the bug you are., picking a random player, stunning and binding them for four seconds as he drags them to a random spot near him. He will then smash his right arm on them with such force that it will instantly kill them if not avoided; he will yell Pitiful mortal should this occur. Although the impact zone is not indicated, all players should stay away from that zone, as getting directly hit will instantly kill any player, regardless if they were targeted or not. Players in the impact zone but not directly on it will take around 3,000 melee damage instead.

Using Freedom or Anticipation beforehand, if targeted by this mechanic, will prevent Solak from dragging the player.

As a result of Solak putting too much force into this attack, his right arm will become buried in the ground. A player can climb up on Solak, in which a message will appear stating You strike a deadly blow to Solak., removing 10% of his corruption doing so. After the this deadly blow, Solak will toss the climber onto the ground, remove his right arm from the ground and prepare a crushing blow with his left arm. When the attack hits, the climber gets the message Solak lands a crushing blow against you., dealing up to 9,000 melee damage and also applies ten blight stacks on them. There is a 5 second frame to climb up the rooted arm before Solak pulls it out.

Solak cannot attack players for the duration of this attack, allowing all other players to deal as much damage to him as possible before the mechanic ends. Despite the climb animation, the climber can continue attacking Solak if they are using magic or ranged.

Warning: If Solak faced a direction where his arm slams outside of the arena (invalid tiles), the climber can still go up Solak, but will be unable to attack when he slams them back down. The climber will also be forcefully moved to the center of the arena after the crushing blow.

Blight tornado[edit | edit source]

After the second barrage, Solak will be engulfed in a purple blight tornado and spins rapidly while saying ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. This attack is similar to the blight rain attack - 5 hits of very high blight damage - except Nature's Blessing does not protect players from this attack, so they will need to use defensives in order to reduce or block the incoming damage.

This lowers Solak's corruption bar even further but will cause all players to hit fifty blight stacks.

Blight roots[edit | edit source]

After the tornado, Solak targets three non-tank players with a deadly blight bomb and the base tank with a root arrow. The root arrow is signaled by Solak pounding the ground and yelling Frail creatures! It's time to die!. A few seconds later, roots will sprout up at the base tank's position in an arrow shape, stunning all players standing on them and dealing rapid blight damage. All other players should stand away from the tank, who can avoid the attack with Surge or simply by running away from where they stood.

Along with this, up to three non-tank players will be targeted for the deadly blight bomb. When the bar fills, the bomb will explode and cause roots to form in a line between the targeted players, which will stun and cause blight damage if not avoided. These roots will only appear if two or three players have been targeted by the blight bomb; if only one player has been targeted, then no roots will appear.

If Solak's corruption bar has still not been emptied at this point, the rotation restarts at the anima bomb attack. Once the bar is empty, the next phase begins.

Phase 3[edit | edit source]

Before first sigil:

  • 7 autoattacks

Second sigil: Uncertain

Third and beyond sigils:

  • 3 autoattacks
  • Blight bomb
  • 2 autoattacks
  • Stun and blight bleed
  • 1 autoattack
  • Repeat until all green sigils converted or Erethdor is defeated
Duo Trio 4-man 5-man 6-man 7-man Effect when met or depleted
Solak (start of phase) 1,200,000 1,600,000 2,000,000 2,400,000 2,800,000 3,200,000 N/A
Solak (damage cap) 300,000 400,000 500,000 600,000 700,000 800,000 All damage taken capped
Erethdor 200,000 275,000 350,000 425,000 500,000 575,000 Ends phase; weakens P4 manifestations
Placing roots by the previous sigil will prevent damage to meleers, those returning from the mind, and DPS while leaving you close enough to quickly stun

Once Solak's life points reach 10% of his maximum life points during the phase, all damage dealt to him is reduced by 99%.

This phase is cleared once all eight sigils are filled with corruption, or Erethdor is defeated. Although the former is significantly faster, this should never be done as Solak will have too much health for the final phase. The latter allows the team to reach the health cap for this phase and weaken Erethdor's manifestations in the final phase, making it easier for the entire team.

Green sigils and standard bombs[edit | edit source]

Merethiel will cast a spell, generating eight green circles around the arena. Solak must be led to these circles to charge them and remove the corruption. When Solak is within range of one of these sigils, additional markings will appear on the ground and slowly encircle the green sigil. It takes around 10 seconds for the sigil to be charged.

Blight bombs with a fairly wide AoE periodically fall upon the sigils, dealing 2000 base blight damage and adding 2 blight stacks. This blight bomb always falls upon a sigil after it has been charged.

Erethdor and Solak's mind[edit | edit source]

After a circle has been filled with corruption, Merethiel will fire a red projectile at Solak, causing him to shake erratically and stop attacking players for several seconds; he will yell Arghhh. During this time, players can use the Extra Action button to enter Solak's mind to find Erethdor in the mind realm. He shares the same defensive values as Solak; level 70 Defence with 55 affinity towards all combat styles. Despite being responsible for controlling Solak and fighting the team, Erethdor himself is not aggressive. He uses ranged abilities when fighting players, although the damage he deals is negligible compared to Solak. Like the eruptions from the previous phase, he is not susceptible to the inquisitor staff, instead being susceptible to the terrasaur maul.

Only two players can enter Erethdor's mind at a time, and this needs to be done when Solak is shaking erratically. Players entering the mind threshold will automatically accumulate 5 blight stacks.

Players inside Solak's mind are affected by the Withering debuff (Withering status icon.png), reducing all healing from food and potions to 0 (other healing methods do work, however). Player should have at least 7,000 life points before entering Solak's mind in the event that Erethdor deals too much damage. Erethdor will throw players out of Solak's mind after 18 seconds have passed, although damage over time abilities and poison will continue to harm him. The mind realm players will also be thrown back into the centre of the arena and Erethdor will lose his current target when this occurs.

Dreadnips can be used on Erethdor, as they continue to remain in the mind realm and attack him.

Blight bleed[edit | edit source]

Solak intermittently shouts " Give me the life you so tightly cling to!", raising his hand and charging it with blight energy before slamming it into the ground, stunning all players for 2 seconds and damaging every player (including those in his mind) with rapid blight hits that initially deal low damage, but will quickly increase in damage with each hit, while also applying blight stacks. The bleed can be stopped by using any stunning abilities on Solak; once enough stun abilities have damaged Solak, the bleed will end.

Each player can only stun Solak once for the purpose of ending the bleed, so a player using more than one stun ability can not end the bleed sooner. Multi-hit abilities only count as one hit. Stunning abilities affected by Flanking will also count towards ending the bleed attack. Like Yakamaru, when Solak is struck with a stun, the player who stunned him will have their name shown in an on-screen message box. Players can stun Solak as soon as he initiates the mechanic; they do not need to wait for him to slam the ground first.

The amount of stuns required to cancel the attack is [current team size in the physical world - 2], with a minimum of 1 stun required. This means only one player needs to stun in duo and trio encounters, with a maximum of five stuns needed in a seven man encounter. It is imperative the required amount of players stun Solak to cancel this attack, as failure to do so will result in the bleed easily wiping out the whole team in seconds. If Solak uses Blight bleed and the required stuns are not used, players will continue to take damage even in the mind.

Note: If Solak is phased in the middle of a blight bleed, the bleed will carry over into the final phase, dealing damage in the process. Fortunately, it can still be dispelled in phase 4 by stunning him. However, the unnecessary damage should be avoided.

Blight roots and bombs[edit | edit source]

Like in the previous phase, Solak will target up to three non-tank players with deadly blight bombs throughout the phase. When the bar fills, the bomb will explode for 4,000 soft blight damage and also cause roots to form a line between targeted players if more than one player has been targeted by the attack. Targeted players should move away from unaffected players to avoid collateral damage from roots and blasts. The roots that spawn will only damage players not targeted by the blight bomb.

The bombs explode just as Solak performs his blight bleed mechanic, so it's important to use Anticipation when the bar reaches halfway and then use defensives or simply tank the explosion.

Phase 4[edit | edit source]

  • Erethdor's manifestations spawn throughout phase
  • Solak is unattackable for ~6 seconds
  • Solak is undamageable for ~13 seconds
  • Burst of Nature bomb is charged ~28 seconds after the phase begins (~12 seconds after becoming damageable) and is charged every ~28 seconds hereafter
Hp caps
Duo Trio 4-man 5-man 6-man 7-man Effect when met or depleted
Solak (start of phase) 300,000 400,000 500,000 600,000 700,000 800,000 N/A
Solak (damage cap) 0 Ends fight
Withering Solak 100,000 If HP reaches 0, all players are instantly killed
Manifestations of Erethdor 25,000 Respawns outside of mind

Erethdor's hold over Solak has slipped drastically, causing conflict in Solak's mind. The second health bar now has 100,000 life points - this is the health of Solak's conscience, and if it decreases to 0, all players are instantly killed. Signs of life and equivalents do not revive players from the instant kill, although they are not put on cooldown either. To end the phase and the encounter, Solak's life points in the outside world must be reduced to 0.

All accumulated blight stacks from the previous phase are automatically cleared at the start of this phase.

In addition to blight stack removal, Solak cannot be targeted for the first six seconds when the phase begins, followed by a seven second period in which he may be attacked, but not take any damage, essentially giving him 13 seconds of invulnerability.

Burst of Nature[edit | edit source]

Solak no longer uses autoattacks in this phase but gains the ability to use the "Burst of Nature", a blight attack that can deal over 12,000 damage. This is indicated when he shouts THIS ENDS NOW. - as a visual indicator, a blight tornado will appear around him. Using stuns while he charges this attack makes him launch it early, reducing the damage it deals. If enough players stun Solak, the Burst of Nature deals 0 damage. When Solak begins the attack, he also inflicts a deadly blight bomb attack against two random players, working similarly to the blight bursts in phase 1.

Solak first starts charging the Burst of Nature around 28 seconds after the phase begins and continues to charge it again every 28 seconds.

Solak's Mind[edit | edit source]

In an attempt to regain control over Solak, Erethdor will split himself once more to overcome Solak's waning conscience. He will create manifestations of himself to attack Solak's conscience, which perform an onslaught-like attack against Solak's mind, inflicting blight damage on him. The manifestations spawn in two cycles; one based on how much damage the team does, scaled accordingly to size, and another at timed intervals. Manifestations have a one-second spawn delay before they can attack Solak, and they can be immediately aggro'ed with AoE or multi-hit abilities (e.g Chain) before they have a chance to attack him. The manifestations only spawn in front of Solak in a 30-45 degree area.

The manifestations have 25,000 life points and a Defence level of 60, 55 affinity towards all combat styles and are susceptible to the hexhunter bow. To stop Erethdor from killing Solak, the player must enter the mind realm and attack the manifestations, who will focus on the player when struck. When attacking a player, they launch a single projectile at the player, which like the onslaught attack, increases in strength as time passes. If a familiar somehow manages to obtain their aggression, they will use abilities on them.

If Erethdor was defeated in the previous phase, his manifestations will deal slightly less damage on both Solak and any players they fight in the mind realm as a result of being weakened even further.

Killing a manifestation causes it to respawn in the outside world and begin attacking players there, dealing damage equal to when they were destroyed in the mind realm. Manifestations target all players in range and can easily kill them. Because of this, the mind tank should not kill any manifestations, although the heavy emphasis on endurance means that this should not occur at all.

Up to three players may enter Solak's mind to stop the manifestations.

Finishing the Encounter[edit | edit source]

After Solak's health is reduced to 0, the encounter will end. Player(s) in the mind realm should be automatically ejected to the physical world when this occurs, but if they somehow become stuck inside, Merethiel will create a yellow dome in the center of the arena to bring them back. The player(s), alongside Merethiel, will purge Erethdor from Solak. Solak will then land on the ground, where he and Merethiel may be spoken to or claim loot from. Player(s) can teleport as soon as the encounter ends however, and it is recommended to do so to avoid the lengthy animation.

If any player somehow dies just as Erethdor is purged from Solak, but before they arrive at their most recent respawn hub or Death's office, Merethiel will refuse to let them die, using the power of the Lost Grove to revive them. This will still consume sticks and overload effects however. If the player does die and arrive in one of those two spots but the kill is successful, a message will appear indicating to them to return to the Lost Grove to collect their rewards. No kill count will be awarded in this manner, however.

Make sure to have tier 4 luck before claiming rewards. Rewards may be claimed from Merethiel outside the arena if the player(s) died or teleported out of the arena when the encounter ended.

General Strategies[edit | edit source]

At the start of the phase, all members should use their damage-boosting ultimates and their best rotations.

Green spore bombs (pads)[edit | edit source]

This can be one of the hardest mechanics in the whole fight, especially with larger teams, and it requires good coordination between team members. Using voice communications during the fight is very helpful if possible. In most teams, the base tank grabs the closest pad, and the DPSers agree beforehand on which pads to take. For example, in a trio, the two DPSers usually start the fight on the west and east side of the center of the arena, and will grab the western-most and eastern-most pad, respectively (excluding the closest pad, which is left for the base). Having Double Surge and a Bladed Dive swap is helpful for reaching the pads in time. If you think you might not make your pad in time, call it out to your teammates so that they can prepare for the damage. A Powerburst of vitality or Disruption Shield can be used to mitigate the missed pad damage (Resonance should not be used because it's needed for the second part of this mechanic).

If the first hit is blocked through Resonance or Disruption Shield, use the other for the build-up hit. The bar will fill relatively quickly, doing so just as Solak launches an auto-attack. The auto-attack will register before the build-up hit does, so care must be taken to avoid having the auto-attack snipe the second block attempt. If players are particularly worried about this, try to stand on or next to another player, or simply use Devotion when the bar is half-full and then use Resonance.

Volatile rootlings[edit | edit source]

Players should kill all rootlings before they spawn blightbound lashers, which should be targeted around the 42 second mark. Mines should have already been placed before starting the encounter. In duos, the two mines each player placed should kill the southernmost rootlings, but in other team sizes, the rootlings will still have some health left. In 4-man teams, each player deals with one quadrant of rootlings (two rootlings). An additional pair of mines can be set to deal with the untouched rootlings once they're off cooldown. Each player, including the base tank, should be able to clear the rootlings before the blight root mechanic. DPSers far enough away from the base can use Soul Split to heal when damaging rootlings.

Blight roots[edit | edit source]

The base tank should lure Solak back to the center of the arena unless they have been targeted by the blight root attack. The same also applies for the other targeted player due to the varied timer and location in which the roots may appear. A powerburst of acceleration can be useful in darting across the arena, especially with a low timer.

Players still around the edges of the arena should use Anticipation to avoid the stun caused by the roots, as getting stunned will typically result in death due to the rapid, heavy damage inflicted every tick. Targeted players can avoid getting struck by the roots by using Bladed Dive, Surge or Escape when the timer hits 1 second. If possible, try to call root direction so other players in that area can quickly disperse.

Blight bombs[edit | edit source]

Targeted players should move away from teammates when bar reaches 80%. The first bomb can be blocked with Resonance, using either proper timing or Devotion to make sure it isn't sniped by Solak's auto attack. The second bomb is usually tanked since players can Soul Split during the next mechanic. However, if tanking the hit without any sort of damage mitigation, make sure to have at least 6,000 health to avoid being combo'd out by an auto-attack.

Arms, legs and core[edit | edit source]

Soul Split can be used throughout this mechanic to heal back up to full, or intentionally keep health low if using the Berserker's Fury relic. Vulnerability can be cast on the arms but is not completely necessary. However, it's recommended to use it on the legs. A bomb can be thrown between the legs to apply the debuff to both.

All players should have 100% adrenaline before the legs are disabled. One player should throw a bomb near the core's spawn point and all players should perform an ultimate ability damage rotation. Range and mage users should Death's Swiftness/Sunshine when the legs become attackable, due to the core's 18 second attackable time frame. Melee users should Berserk when the core spawns. Particularly skilled teams can disable the core in one sitting. Otherwise, repeat until core is destroyed.

If the damage cap for this phase is reached, simply apply Storm Shards on Solak until the mechanic repeats, for use in Phase 4.

Anima eruptions and blight storm[edit | edit source]

Base tank will move in front of Merethiel while the other players wait near the south-western eruption. When the south-west eruption nears or falls below half health, the base tank should immediately click on Merethiel so she can perform her cleansing ritual. The eruption should be destroyed before the ritual ends, and then everyone should stand in the ritual. After the ritual ends, all players should Bladed Dive/Surge into the air current and repeatedly click the storm to damage it.

Beginning players can tackle the south-western eruption together first, but more experienced teams usually split into two groups to clear the southern eruptions, slightly speeding up kill times. All players should have their blight stacks cleared before the next bomb falls, upon which they return to the pad to tackle the blight storm.

Assuming a player does not miss the pad, Solak will automatically reaggro on the base tank, who will clear the north-western eruption on their own; the DPS clear the remaining eruptions. After the base tank clears their eruption, the entire team should converge on the north-center spot with the small alcove poking out. DPSers usually stand in this pocket after done clearing eruptions to avoid most of the next mechanic, but more advanced players can instead stand south of Solak to take advantage of the Flanking perk.

Anima bombs[edit | edit source]

Players should use their ultimate ability damage rotations while avoiding any bombs that appear near them. This is most important for the later bombs that deal up to 8,000 damage, causing players to be easily combo'd out if they aren't being careful. Players standing behind Solak (for Flanking) as opposed to the northern pocket will need to spend more time dodging bombs.

First Blight Rain[edit | edit source]

The base tank should grab charges from the dome and deploy the protective barrier after Solak lowers his arm from the warning indicator of this attack. Most teams should not usually have to deal with a third blight rain. The base tank and one random DPS will grab a charge from the dome; the latter is done for the sake of Flanking. Debilitate is useful in reducing damage but not completely necessary.

If the base tank needs an early heal, they should Resonance the second or third bomb while protecting themselves with Devotion. DPS players can do the same, but this is typically done on the final bomb, with Devotion being used on the fourth bomb.

Binding Crush[edit | edit source]

All players should use Anticipation to avoid the incoming stun, or Freedom and run away after being dragged and stunned. DPSers should do their ultimate ability damage rotations and use Soul Split since Solak can't attack. The base tank should climb Solak's arm, and if using ranged or mage, cast their ultimate during the climbing animation and deal damage to Solak until thrown off. After being thrown off, the 9,000 melee hit from the crushing blow should be blocked with Resonance, Disruption Shield, or Devotion + Deflect Melee or simply reduced with Reflect to rebound a good amount of damage back to Solak.

Second Blight Rain[edit | edit source]

Should not occur with sufficient DPS. Use dome if necessary and follow the same strategy as the first Blight Rain.

Blight Tornado[edit | edit source]

Should not occur with sufficient DPS. Either all players should Barricade, or one player should Barricade and cast Intercept on all other players. Since everyone will have 50+ Blight stacks at this point, cleansing with Merethiel is encouraged.

Blight roots & bombs[edit | edit source]

Should not occur with sufficient DPS. Players should surge behind Solak for the Blight roots, and those with bombs should Resonance and make sure no other players are caught in the root lines (see the Phase 3 strategy section for more details).

Third Blight Rain[edit | edit source]
Should not occur with sufficient DPS. Use dome if necessary and follow the same strategy as the first Blight Rain.

All players should start applying Storm Shards if 7 or more have not been reached yet.

Green sigils[edit | edit source]

Base tank has option to return to Merethiel to clear stacks with teammates or can remain in mid-center to start damaging Solak as soon as possible. First sigil should be set off immediately; second can be done at any time after the first. Third sigil should be set off only when Solak reaches 600,000 health.

Erethdor[edit | edit source]

Players should enter alternate going into the mind realm, so they usually enter either on the first and third sigil (1/3) or on the second sigil. Players can use Provoke and Flanking to deal extra damage to Erethdor if two people enter. After leaving the mind realm, players can use their ultimate ability damage rotation on Solak. Players with the Seren Godbow may prefer to use it on Solak since Erethdor is a smaller monster. It's recommended to leave Erethdor with about 50,000 health until Solak's nears the Phase 3 cap, so that less damage has to be dealt during Phase 4. Don't leave him with critically low health, as he will continue to take poison damage during the phase if poisoned.

Blight bleed[edit | edit source]

Either Anticipation before the attack or Freedom after the stun, then stun Solak. Alternatively he can be stunned before-hand, albeit at the cost of getting stunned if not using Anticipation beforehand.

Blight bombs[edit | edit source]

The players that get the bomb (up to three) should stand apart from each other to ensure they aren't caught in each other's blasts, but also ensure that none of their other team members are standing between them. Players should Resonance the hit, either timing it well or using Devotion to ensure it isn't sniped by Solak's auto attacks. If at least two players get the bomb, root lines will shoot out connecting them, and other players should ensure they aren't hit by these. Use Anticipation or Freedom when bar reaches 80% as blight bleeds follow up when the burst occurs. While the targeted players won't take damage from the root lines, it would be better to get a free heal from the burst rather than taking a stun.

All players should ensure they have 100% adrenaline before Phase 4 commences.

DPS players[edit | edit source]

During the transition phase, set up an ultimate ability rotation - while Natural Instinct can be used for extra adrenaline, it does not usually provide much of a change. Solak will be facing south, so he can be flanked from the north.

Melee players should start their rotation once Solak moves back and then use Freedom, Anticipation or Provoke to gain some adrenaline while waiting. Barge once he becomes attackable.

Due to the ten storm shards, a player should use Shatter to deal 30,000 damage to him while under the effects of their ultimate damage booster. The role should have already been assigned before the trip started. This ensures other players can use other thresholds and not waste adrenaline. Use Shatter when Solak's health reaches 150,000 or when the ultimate damage booster is about to wear off, to prevent additional manifestations from spawning from the heavy hit.

After the blight tornado, switch to the ring of death and switch the overhead prayer to Wrath. This ensures that the player won't have to pay a hefty fine in the event of death, and Wrath may provide that additional push to defeat Solak if he was at critically low health, combined with weapon poison.

Mind tank[edit | edit source]

The tank should have ended the last phase with 100% adrenaline. Use Natural Instinct and equip a shield and three pieces of tempest/primeval equipment (if brought along). Use all basic defensive abilities except for Resonance alongside basic damaging abilities until reaching 100% adrenaline. Use Immortality and enter mind realm.

Aggro all manifestations and use Reflect when adrenaline permits, along with Resonance and reach 100% adrenaline before it triggers. If the manifestations do not trigger Immortality, do so by healing Solak. Immediately use Barricade after getting back up and reach 50% adrenaline before it expires while spam-clicking Solak to heal him. If encounter has still not ended, use Devotion.

Miscellanious Information[edit | edit source]

No Realming[edit | edit source]

No realming is a term for phase 4 in which the base tank, which is usually also the mind tank, does not enter the mind realm - instead, they serve as a normal DPS player for that phase. The overall DPS is usually considered to be the same regardless if a mind tank is present or not, which in turn also speeds up the kill slightly.

It is important to note that the entire team must have the DPS required to beat the threshold before the manifestations kill Solak's consciousness, since there will be no one to protect him. The team has roughly 30 seconds to defeat Solak's body before the manifestations kill him.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

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The vamyprism scrimshaw can be used to keep health high, but when healing isn't needed or DPS needs to be maximized (ex. during the blight core in P1 or during P4), switch to a DPS-boosting pocket slot item such as an Illuminated Book of Law.

Aura slot.png
Masterwork helm.png
Superior scrimshaw of vampyrism.png
Amulet of souls.png
Armour spikes (alloy).png
Augmented drygore rapier.png
Augmented Masterwork platebody.png
Augmented off-hand drygore rapier.png
Augmented Masterwork platelegs.png
Cinderbane gloves.png
Masterwork boots.png
Ring of death.png

Auras[edit | edit source]

Noxious scythe.pngWeapon poison+++ (1).pngReplenishment potion (6).pngElder overload salve (6).png
Malevolent kiteshield.pngSpiritual prayer potion (6).pngSpiritual prayer potion (6).pngSpiritual prayer potion (6).png
Enhanced Excalibur.pngIlluminated Book of Law.pngSaradomin brew flask (6).pngSaradomin brew flask (6).png
Saradomin brew flask (6).pngSaradomin brew flask (6).pngSaradomin brew flask (6).pngBlue blubber jellyfish.png
Ring of vigour.pngDominion mine.png6Dreadnip.png20Blue blubber jellyfish.png
Blue blubber jellyfish.pngBlue blubber jellyfish.pngBlue blubber jellyfish.pngBlue blubber jellyfish.png

Rune pouch should have runes for Disruption Shield. Off-hand drygore rapier (or equivalent) should have the Flanking perk.

Aura slot.png
Custom-fit trimmed masterwork helm.png
Erethdor's grimoire.png
Essence of Finality amulet (or).png
Armour spikes (alloy).png
Augmented khopesh of Tumeken.png
Augmented Custom-fit Trimmed Masterwork Platebody.png
Augmented khopesh of Elidinis.png
Augmented Custom-fit Trimmed Masterwork Platelegs.png
Cinderbane gloves.png
Custom-fit trimmed masterwork boots.png
Ring of death (i).png

Auras[edit | edit source]

Zaros godsword.pngRing of vigour.pngAdrenaline renewal flask (6).pngMalevolent kiteshield.png
Off-hand drygore rapier.pngWeapon poison+++ (1).pngElder overload salve (6).pngEnhanced Excalibur.png
Dreadnip.png20Dominion mine.png6Spiritual prayer potion (6).pngSpiritual prayer potion (6).png
Spiritual prayer potion (6).pngSpiritual prayer potion (6).pngSpiritual prayer potion (6).pngLarge rune pouch.png
Super Saradomin brew flask (6).pngSuper Saradomin brew flask (6).pngSuper Saradomin brew flask (6).pngBlue blubber jellyfish.png
Blue blubber jellyfish.pngBlue blubber jellyfish.pngBlue blubber jellyfish.pngBlue blubber jellyfish.png
Sailfish soup.pngSailfish soup.pngSailfish soup.pngSailfish soup.png

Bakriminel bolts should be used. Optionally bring runes for Disruption Shield.

Aura slot.png
Pernix cowl.png
Superior scrimshaw of cruelty.png
Amulet of souls.png
Tirannwn quiver 4.png
Augmented ascension crossbow.png
Augmented Pernix body.png
Augmented off-hand ascension crossbow.png
Augmented Pernix chaps.png
Cinderbane gloves.png
Fleeting boots.png
Ring of death.png

Auras[edit | edit source]

Essence of Finality should ideally contain the Seren Godbow special, which is highly effective against Solak. Bakriminel bolts should be used. Optionally bring runes for Disruption Shield.

Aura slot.png
Elite sirenic mask.png
Erethdor's grimoire.png
Essence of Finality amulet (or).png
Hydrix bakriminel bolts (e) 5.png
Augmented Blightbound crossbow.png
Augmented elite sirenic hauberk.png
Augmented Off-hand Blightbound crossbow.png
Augmented elite sirenic chaps.png
Cinderbane gloves.png
Enhanced fleeting boots.png
Ring of death (i).png

Auras[edit | edit source]

Off-hand ascension crossbow.pngRing of vigour.pngAdrenaline renewal flask (6).pngKalphite repriser.png
Eldritch crossbow.pngWeapon poison+++ (1).pngElder overload salve (6).pngEnhanced Excalibur.png
Dominion mine.png6Spiritual prayer potion (6).pngSpiritual prayer potion (6).pngSpiritual prayer potion (6).png
Spiritual prayer potion (6).pngSpiritual prayer potion (6).pngLarge rune pouch.pngSaradomin brew flask (6).png
Saradomin brew flask (6).pngSaradomin brew flask (6).pngBlue blubber jellyfish.pngBlue blubber jellyfish.png
Blue blubber jellyfish.pngReaver's ring.pngRuby bakriminel bolts (e) 5.pngPowerburst of vitality (4).png

Runes should be brought for your combat spell, along with Vulnerability and/or Disruption Shield.

Aura slot.png
Virtus mask.png
Superior scrimshaw of the elements.png
Amulet of souls.png
Large rune pouch (black).png
Augmented noxious staff.png
Augmented Virtus robe top.png
Off-hand slot.png
Augmented Virtus robe legs.png
Cinderbane gloves.png
Blast diffusion boots.png
Ring of death.png

Auras[edit | edit source]

Runes should be brought for your combat spell, along with Vulnerability and/or Disruption Shield. Essence of Finality should contain the Guthix staff special, though it is only needed for its damage, not the affinity debuff.

Aura slot.png
Elite tectonic mask.png
Erethdor's grimoire.png
Essence of Finality amulet (or).png
Large rune pouch (black).png
Augmented Inquisitor staff.png
Augmented elite tectonic robe top.png
Off-hand slot.png
Augmented elite tectonic robe bottom.png
Cinderbane gloves.png
Enhanced blast diffusion boots.png
Ring of death (i).png

Auras[edit | edit source]

Elder overload salve (6).pngAdrenaline renewal flask (6).pngSpiritual prayer potion (6).pngSpiritual prayer potion (6).png
Super Saradomin brew flask (6).pngSuper Saradomin brew flask (6).pngSpiritual prayer potion (6).pngSpiritual prayer potion (6).png
Blue blubber jellyfish.pngBlue blubber jellyfish.pngBlue blubber jellyfish.pngAugmented enhanced Excalibur.png
Vulnerability bomb.png20Large rune pouch (green).pngLarge rune pouch (blue).png
Dominion mine.png6

Runes should be brought for your combat spell, along with Vulnerability and/or Disruption Shield.

Aura slot.png
Elite tectonic mask.png
Erethdor's grimoire.png
Completionist cape.png
Essence of Finality amulet (or).png
Large rune pouch (purple).png
Augmented wand of the praesul.png
Augmented elite tectonic robe top.png
Augmented kalphite rebounder.png
Augmented elite tectonic robe bottom.png
Cinderbane gloves.png
Enhanced blast diffusion boots.png
Ring of vigour.png

Auras[edit | edit source]

Elder overload salve (6).pngAdrenaline renewal flask (6).pngSpiritual prayer potion (6).pngSpiritual prayer potion (6).png
Super Saradomin brew flask (6).pngSuper Saradomin brew flask (6).pngSpiritual prayer potion (6).pngSpiritual prayer potion (6).png
Augmented Inquisitor staff.pngWeapon poison+++ (1).pngDragon Rider amulet.pngSpiritual prayer potion (6).png
Augmented imperium core.pngAugmented imperium core (Barrows).pngRing of death (i).pngAugmented enhanced Excalibur.png
Custom-fit trimmed masterwork helm.pngAugmented khopesh of Tumeken.pngDominion mine.png6Large rune pouch (blue).png
Augmented Custom-fit Trimmed Masterwork Platebody.pngAugmented khopesh of Elidinis.pngAugmented khopesh of Elidinis (Barrows).pngLarge rune pouch (green).png
Augmented Custom-fit Trimmed Masterwork Platelegs.pngAugmented Zaros godsword.pngAugmented Masterwork Spear of Annihilation.pngVulnerability bomb.png20

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