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A soft cap is a type of limit placed on a quantity of something in RuneScape. Unlike a hard cap, which places an unavoidable limit on the quantity, soft caps allow players to go over defined limits, but with extra restrictions placed on the excess. The restriction placed varies based on the applied soft cap.

Examples[edit | edit source]

  • Sealed clue scrolls: there is a soft cap of 25 (50 with the Clue capacity upgrade) sealed clues per clue difficulty, except for sealed master clue scrolls, which have no cap. However, players can receive over 25 sealed clues of a certain difficulty if that clue scroll is received from a guaranteed source, such as the treasure chest decoration guaranteeing a sealed elite clue scroll each time it is opened. Additionally, the Prosper perk allows players to obtain clue scrolls above the cap, and clue scrolls obtained from harvesting a Sacred yak bypass the cap.
  • Chimes: there is a soft cap of 200,000 chimes owned at once in Player-owned port. Players can receive over 200,000 chimes but after 00:00 UTC, any excess chimes over 200,000 will be removed.
  • Soul split: Soul split heals 10% of all damage, but there are two soft caps that affect this amount. If the player inflicts over 2,000 damage, any healing over that amount is divided in half. In addition, there is a second soft cap that divides any healing above 4,000 damage by four.
  • Damage to Nex: there are several soft caps during this boss fight. One example is that, during the first four phases, any excess damage over 5,000 that the player deals is reduced by 50%. The final Zaros phase has a more extreme soft cap.
  • Damage to Queen Black Dragon: damage over a certain amount is reduced.
  • Damage to Kalphite King: damage over 5,000 is reduced by 75%. Keris's effect with Desert amulet 3 ignores this.
  • Damage to Araxxi: between 50,000 and 25,000 lifepoints, damage over a certain amount is reduced.