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An unfinished Snowman was an NPC that featured as part of the 2007 and the 2010 Christmas event. Players could make snowmen themselves by building them out of snow and then adding one of a choice of hats or a weapon if the player was in the Land of Snow and wanted to let their snowman fight against other snowmen. The type of hat (or weapon) used would determine which type of snowman was made. After a short period of time, the snowman would disappear (the player being told the snowman has gone to the Land of Snow, if they were not already there).

The snowmen for the 2010 Christmas event didn't require a hat to be added to be brought alive, they would become alive when the last Snowball was added.

Types[edit | edit source]

Regular[edit | edit source]

Snowman - Dragon.png
Dragon snowman
Snowman - Pirate.png
Pirate snowman
Snowman - Barbarian.png
Barbarian snowman
Snowman (traditional)
Dwarf snowman.png
Dwarf snowman
Snowman 2010.png
Snowman (heimland)

Combat-based[edit | edit source]

These snowmen would attack each other when in the Land of Snow. The player could heal the snowman by throwing snowballs at them.

Snow warrior.png
Snow warrior
Snow ranger.png
Snow ranger
Snow mage.png
Snow mage

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