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Sneaky is a title unlocked by pickpocketing an elven clan worker from each of the eight clans within 90 seconds while wearing only the Clan Iorwerth cape and having a ninja impling jar in the inventory. To pickpocket each of the workers, players require level 98 Thieving, which can be boosted (for example, using a god banner or eating a sourberry both work at level 96 Thieving).

This cannot be completed without using crystal teleport seeds or an attuned crystal teleport seed. The master camouflage outfit provides teleports to the clans, but conflicts with the requirement that only the Clan Iorwerth cape is worn.

Translations[edit | edit source]

This title changes according to the language of the server on which RuneScape is played, as shown below:

Language Title
German Der hinterhältige [Name] / Die hinterhältige [Name]
French L'ingénieux [Name] / L'ingénieuse [Name]
Portuguese Sorrateiro [Name] / Sorrateira [Name]

Update history[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • For some time, this title used differerent colours for the gendered versions on German servers, with the female version being displayed as Die hinterhältige [Name]. It is not known when this was changed.