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Snax was a man, who lived during the beginning of the First Age. He was one of a group of humans who gathered around Guthix, not to praise or worship him, as Guthix had made it clear that he desired not to be worshipped. Instead the group would learn from and discuss with Guthix on the subject of balance. The group, which also consisted of Snax's older sister Snix, later became the first druids in Gielinor preaching Guthix's teachings of freedom, harmony and balance.

Guthix described him as full of passion and that he "reminded me of the effervescent nature of life itself, of the joy in the worlds around us and why my ideology was so important."[1] Guthix mourned him and his sister's death in a way he hadn't mourned for many years, showing how much he cared for him.

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