Smouldering lavender

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Smouldering lavender detail.png

Smouldering lavender is formed when lighting lavender with the right hand main hand slot empty. It is automatically equipped. If dropped or unequipped, it turns into ashes and the message "The smouldering lavender disintegrates to ashes." is shown. If the right hand slot is full a message "You need to have your right hand free to keep the lavender burning." appears.

You can lure a Platypus by burning lavender. If you burn this flower and equip it with a pet platypus already out, the platypus gains some special dialogue about the lavender smell.

Lavender, as well as Tansymum and Fever grass, cannot be lit outside of Oo'glog.

Burning lavender is a great way to obtain ashes in bulk, especially when you put lavender and smouldering lavender on your action bar, and use the hotkeys.

A player burning Lavender

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