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Smithy is the skilling pet obtainable from Smithing. He is unlocked by using Smithy pet.

Smithy can be unlocked by training Smithing via smelting bars or corrupted ore; smithing bars into weapons or armour; casting Superheat Item; or doing the burial equipment, cannon repair, ceremonial swords, or track repair activities at the Artisans' Workshop. Gaining this pet is based on the amount of experience awarded at once; the more experience granted per item made, the greater the chance of gaining this pet. The chance is not affected by experience boosters.

Protean bars do not provide a chance to unlock Smithy.

It is related to Gemi and Rocky. They meet up during Wintumber, exchange sweaters and wrestle.

When interacting with Smithy, it talks about making golem armour, with a minimum requirement of 120 Defence.

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