Smartest Harvest

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Smartest Harvest is an achievement that requires the player to harvest 60 things from fruit tree patches within four minutes.

Without bonuses, only 42 fruits can be picked from the seven fruit tree patches. The potential harvest of fruit can be boosted through a combination of the following means:

Harvesting from fruit trees that yield two things per harvest will make it much easier to reach the required number of items within the allotted time. This is because the time it takes to pick six fruits will be halved when they're received two at a time, so six fruits can be picked in three actions rather than six.

If 60 fruits are not harvested within four minutes, the chatbox message appears: Your progress for the 'Smartest Harvest' achievement has been reset.

Suggested items[edit | edit source]

  1. Tree farmer or master farmer outfit
  2. 99 Farming cape (Note: This can prevent fruit from registering)
  3. Giant ent familiar
  4. At least 2+ signs of the porter or grace of the elves
  5. Crystal teleport seed or attuned crystal teleport seed
  6. Juju teleport bag or witchdoctor mask
  7. Quick lodestone teleports via vis wax
  8. Supreme growth potion (fruity)

Suggested route[edit | edit source]

Option 1[edit | edit source]

  1. Start at Tree Gnome Stronghold fruit tree patch
  2. Spirit Tree to Brimhaven (8), run to fruit tree patch by the docks
  3. Lodestone to Catherby
  4. Crystal teleport seed/Tirannwn quiver to Lletya (1)
  5. Crystal teleport seed to Meilyr district (9) in Prifddinas
  6. Run to gnome glider a short distance north of Meilyr fruit tree patch
  7. Gnome glider to patch outside Tree Gnome Village maze (7, Priw Gnomo Andralo)
  8. Juju teleport spiritbag/Witchdoctor mask/Master farmer hat teleport to Herblore Habitat, cross climbable vine to fruit tree patch

Option 2[edit | edit source]

This achievement can be unlocked by using several supreme growth potion (fruity) on a single fruit tree patch as long as the chosen fruit tree yields two fruits per harvest. Due to the unavoidable delays between checking the plant's health, picking the six fruits, chopping down and replanting the fruit tree, and using the supreme growth potion on it (requires waiting one game tick for each crop cycle to progress), harvesting 60 fruits one at a time via 60 individual actions takes longer than four minutes when combined with the other delays. Thus ciku, guarana, or carambola trees must be used for this method if not using a giant ent.

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