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Small Phoenix lamp is a Treasure Hunter reward.
If the associated promotion is not currently active, it may not be obtainable.
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The small Phoenix lamp is an experience lamp obtainable from the Phoenix Lamps Treasure Hunter promotion. When rubbed, it grants direct experience equal to a small prismatic lamp in a skill of player's choice, usually destroying the lamp. Additionally, if the skill has bonus experience, up to the base direct experience of it is consumed and converted into experience.

There is a chance for it to not be consumed when rubbed, allowing it to be used again, and a rare chance of unlocking Phoenix Aura, Phoenix Mimic, or Phoenix Wing Backpack. If a rare reward is rolled while already having that reward unlocked, the respective token is rewarded instead.

If used on a F2P world, the lamp will give a warning that only rubbing it on members worlds will use up the bonus experience. If the player uses the lamp regardless, it will not convert any bonus experience.

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