Slug Citadel

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The Slug Citadel is Mother Mallum's underwater palace after she was freed from the Temple Knights' prison. It is guarded by two slug thralls and attached to the Fishing Platform. It consists of winding tunnels that contain Witchaven villagers, risen knights, and door puzzles. Mother Mallum and Lucy reside at the end, using Mayor Eustace Hobb and Brother Maledict as bodyguards. During Salt in the Wound, the player visits the Citadel with a party consisting of Kennith, Eva Cashien and Ezekial Lovecraft. They must solve door puzzles in the first three levels and fight off a considerable amount of undead in the fourth. In the last room, Mother Mallum lurks.

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  • Except for the ones on Witchaven villagers, the Citadel is devoid of sea slugs.