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Slime hunter basic tools are items used during the Slime is of the Essence Treasure Hunter promotion. Required to participate in the event, they allow the player to receive experience and reputation while harming the King Slime. One is consumed every five experience ticks, or about every 18 seconds. Each yields 0.2% Personal Progress.

100 slime hunter basic tools are provided each day during the promotion. The daily amount of basic tools provided will stack if days are missed. The following message is displayed when the basic tools are received:

<Amount> basic tools have been added to your inventory.

If the player has no space in the bank and inventory, the following message is displayed:

You have some basic tools that couldn't be delivered. Make some room in your inventory or bank and ensure you're in a safe area to receive them.

The tools can be equipped in the pocket slot and may be used to teleport to Rimmington and to view the event progress interface.

More slime hunter basic tools may be purchased with loyalty points. A set of 30 basic tools can be purchased for 5,000 loyalty points and a set of 100 basic tools can be purchased for 12,000 loyalty points. Each set may only be purchased up to ten times.

After the event players could exchange any remaining tools for 130 experience each in any of the skills used in the event by talking to Peter in Rimmington. All the owned tools, including slime hunter golden tools were handed in at once. Owning any tools after the event prompted the following message upon logging in: You have until December 2nd to hand in any remaining tools to the cook in Rimmington for XP of your choice.

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