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A Slayer contract is obtained from Markus outside of the Slayer Tower. It tracks how far along you are in your contract with him. It must be carried in the inventory for kills to be counted, and all monsters must be killed inside the Slayer Tower.

Reading the contract.

Any creatures killed towards your contract give you 20% of the Slayer experience you would have received while on an assignment. Reading the contract gives an overview of the task assigned and the progress made towards completing it. Checking it gives a short summary in the chatbox.

Note: If you have a monster for a slayer assignment and have a contract, give in the contract for the Special slayer contract. Otherwise, the regular slayer contract will take precedence over the slayer assignment, and the XP gained from killing the monsters will only be the 20% experience instead of the full Slayer experience. If you have both a regular slayer contract and a special slayer contract in your inventory, the regular slayer contract will take precedence over the special slayer contract, and you will not make progress towards your slayer assignment.

When the contract is completed, an orange message is given in the chatbox, stating that a reward may now be claimed from Markus. Players can choose between a combat training book (giving experience in Attack, Strength, Defence, Ranged, Magic, or Constitution) or a cash reward.

Boosts will not allow the player to obtain a contract above their original slayer level.

Extending or preferring a slayer task does not extend the slayer contract.

Possible contracts[edit | edit source]

The slayer contract selection interface.

There are two different assignments available for each monster residing in the Slayer Tower. The first set offers a quick task but lower rewards, while the other set offers long tasks with greater rewards.

For the same creature, killing the higher-level or lower-level variant would also count.

Monster Slayer level Number Experience reward Coins 100.png reward Number Experience reward Coins 100.png reward
Crawling hand icon.png Crawling hand 5 40 156 2,440 200 885 13,000
Banshee icon.png Banshee 15 30 438 6,300 160 2,592 37,000
Infernal Mage icon.png Infernal mage 45 35 1,606 7,770 170 8,661 41,000
Bloodveld icon.png Bloodveld 50 25 855 4,050 150 5,694 26,000
Aberrant spectre icon.png Aberrant spectre 60 40 1,836 12,000 170 8,661 60,006
Gargoyle icon.png Gargoyle 75 20 1,910 7,120 165 17,000 65,201
Nechryael icon.png Nechryael 80 25 2,650 13,000 180 21,000 109,690
Abyssal demon icon.png Abyssal demon 85 30 3,858 22,980 200 28,549 170,052
Audio options icon.png
Contract completed.

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 8 April 2019 (Update):
    • Fixed an issue where you couldn't collect ushabti souls or complete Slayer Contracts while on a Mandrith Wilderness Task.
  • patch 18 February 2013 (Update):
    • A small noise now plays when a Slayer contract is completed.
  • patch 4 December 2017 (Update):
    • Slayer contracts will now display kills remaining and the monster assigned on their tooltips.