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The Slayer collection log is a collection log and book that keeps track of assorted drops received from Slayer monsters. It can be obtained from any Slayer Master's shop for free. The interface can also be accessed by right-clicking the Slayer kill counter and choosing the Collection Log option.

Titles[edit | edit source]

Completing the collection in each area listed in the log will grant a title. Completing every collection will unlock the achievement The Ultimate Slayer and grant the title [Name] the Ultimate Slayer.

While there is a category for general drops, no title is awarded for completing it.

Area Feat Title
Asgarnia & Misthalin Guardian of the Realm [Name], Protector of the Peace
Daemonheim 61 Shades of Red [Name] the Bloodrager
Feldip Hills Let it go, Legio [Name] the Ascended
Fremennik Province The Start of Something New [Name] the End of All Things
Kandarin La Petite Mort [Name] the Well 'Ardy
Karamja Jungle Predator [Name] of the Jungle
Keldagrim Slayer of Chaos [Name] the Stout Slayer
Kharidian Desert Sand in my Loot [Name] the Devourer
Lost Lands and Dungeons The Apex Predator [Name] the Harbinger of Death
Morytania Fenkenstrain's Monster [Name] the Scourge of the Undead
Other Worlds Master of the Universe [Name], Gielinor's Champion
Senntisten Cleaning Up the Streets [Name], of the Zarosian Empire
Wilderness Wildest of All [Name], Forinthry's Fury

Tracked drops[edit | edit source]

The log tracks many different items dropped by Slayer monsters.

On release of the log players who had obtained some of the drops before the release had them tracked in the log. Such items include permanent unlocks (for example pets), untradeable items, and items tracked by the Boss collection log. Similarly to the boss collection log, obtaining the item as a drop from any monster counts for the log. Items are counted at the time of the creatures death, this means that items dropped while using the Scrimshaw of sacrifice will still count towards the log as well as items received as a drop and not picked up. However, items obtained from metamorphic geodes, the Motherlode Maw, and certain other non-combat methods do not count.[1]

Each of the drops can be shared by clicking on it in the log. The chats where the resulting message is seen can be configured to appear in local, friends, clan, and guest clan chats, with each chat having its own toggle.

Below are the categories found in the log and the drops in each of the categories. One category can be favourited which causes that category to be opened initially when reading the log. The slayer log will not count past 65,500 copies of a single item.

Asgarnia & Misthalin[edit | edit source]

Unlocks the title: [Name], Protector of the Peace

Goblin mail.png Goblin mail (9/128)[n 1]Goblin book.png Goblin book (Common)[n 1]Cornucopia.png Cornucopia (Common)[n 1]Off-hand rubber chicken.png Off-hand rubber chicken (Very rare)
Crunchy claw token.png Crunchy claw token (Uncommon)Mudskipper hat.png Mudskipper hat (Uncommon)Flippers.png Flippers (Rare)Granite legs.png Granite legs (1/512)
Royal cape.png Royal cape (Common)[n 1]Right skull half.png Right skull half (18/128)Left skull half.png Left skull half (Common)[n 1]Top of sceptre.png Top of sceptre (4/128)
Bottom of sceptre.png Bottom of sceptre (Uncommon)Shade robe (top).png Shade robe (top) (8/128)Shade robe (bottom).png Shade robe (bottom) (8/128)Bronze defender.png Bronze defender (Uncommon)
Iron defender.png Iron defender (Uncommon)Steel defender.png Steel defender (Uncommon)Black defender.png Black defender (Uncommon)Mithril defender.png Mithril defender (Uncommon)
Adamant defender.png Adamant defender (Uncommon)Rune defender.png Rune defender (Uncommon)Dragon defender.png Dragon defender (Common)[n 1]Raptor key part 1.png Raptor key part 1 (1/256)[n 1]
Wyvern crossbow.png Wyvern crossbow (1/10000)[n 1]
  1. ^ a b c d e f g h This is the highest drop rate, see the item page for drop rates per monster.

Daemonheim[edit | edit source]

Unlocks the title: [Name] the Bloodrager

Adrenaline urn.png Adrenaline urn (1/400)[n 1]Demon slayer circlet.png Demon slayer circlet (1/256)[n 1]Demon slayer torso.png Demon slayer torso (1/256)[n 1]Demon slayer skirt.png Demon slayer skirt (1/256)[n 1]
Demon slayer boots.png Demon slayer boots (1/256)[n 1]Demon slayer gloves.png Demon slayer gloves (1/256)[n 1]Demon slayer crossbow.png Demon slayer crossbow (1/256)[n 1]Off-hand demon slayer crossbow.png Off-hand demon slayer crossbow (1/256)[n 1]
Kal'gerion battle commendation.png Kal'gerion battle commendation (1/512)[n 1]Seeker's charm.png Seeker's charm (Uncommon)Hexhunter bow.png Hexhunter bow (Always)[n 1]Baby Soulgazer.png Baby Soulgazer (1/750)[n 1][n 2]
Blood necklace shard.png Blood necklace shard (1/128)[n 1]Edimmu (item).png Edimmu (item) (1/512)
  1. ^ a b c d e f g h i j k l This is the highest drop rate, see the item page for drop rates per monster.
  2. ^ Showing rarity for dropped item Soulgazer's charm.

Feldip Hills[edit | edit source]

Unlocks the title: [Name] the Ascended

Hexcrest.png Hexcrest (1/512)Ascension Keystone Primus.png Ascension Keystone Primus (1/300)[n 1]Ascension Keystone Secundus.png Ascension Keystone Secundus (1/300)[n 1]Ascension Keystone Tertius.png Ascension Keystone Tertius (1/300)[n 1]
Ascension Keystone Quartus.png Ascension Keystone Quartus (1/300)[n 1]Ascension Keystone Quintus.png Ascension Keystone Quintus (1/300)[n 1]Ascension Keystone Sextus.png Ascension Keystone Sextus (1/300)[n 1]Ascension grips.png Ascension grips (1/2056)[n 1]
  1. ^ a b c d e f g This is the highest drop rate, see the item page for drop rates per monster.

Fremennik Province[edit | edit source]

Unlocks the title: [Name] the End of All Things

Light mystic hat.png Light mystic hat (1/512)[n 1]Light mystic robe top.png Light mystic robe top (1/512)Light mystic robe bottom.png Light mystic robe bottom (1/512)Light mystic gloves.png Light mystic gloves (1/512)[n 1]
Light mystic boots.png Light mystic boots (1/512)Basilisk boots.png Basilisk boots (1/512)Kurask boots.png Kurask boots (1/512)Turoth boots.png Turoth boots (1/512)
Amulet of ranging.png Amulet of ranging (1/512)[n 1]Leaf-bladed sword.png Leaf-bladed sword (1/384)[n 1]Off-hand leaf-bladed sword.png Off-hand leaf-bladed sword (1/384)[n 1]Brine sabre.png Brine sabre (1/512)
Circular hide.png Circular hide (1/64)Flattened hide.png Flattened hide (1/64)Stretched hide.png Stretched hide (1/64)Spined boots.png Spined boots (1/64)
Spined gloves.png Spined gloves (1/64)Kurask head.png Kurask head (1/3000)Cockatrice head.png Cockatrice head (1/1000)Basilisk head.png Basilisk head (1/2000)
Staff of light.png Staff of light (1/512)Raptor key part 4.png Raptor key part 4 (1/256)Mammoth tusk.png Mammoth tusk (Always)
  1. ^ a b c d e This is the highest drop rate, see the item page for drop rates per monster.

Kandarin[edit | edit source]

Unlocks the title: [Name] the Well 'Ardy

Tortoise shell.png Tortoise shell (Uncommon)[n 1]Perfect shell.png Perfect shell (Uncommon)[n 1]Dragon full helm.png Dragon full helm (1/1000)[n 1]Chewed bones.png Chewed bones (3/128)
Cresbot (unpoked).png Cresbot (unpoked) (1/1600)[n 1]Static gloves.png Static gloves (1/1000)Pneumatic gloves.png Pneumatic gloves (1/1000)Tracking gloves.png Tracking gloves (1/1000)
Dark bow.png Dark bow (Rare)[n 1]Razorback gauntlets.png Razorback gauntlets (1/500)[n 1]Kaigi's journal pages.png Kaigi's journal pages (Uncommon)Tuska mask upper tusks.png Tuska mask upper tusks (1/250)
Tuska mask lower tusks.png Tuska mask lower tusks (1/250)Tuska mask headpiece.png Tuska mask headpiece (1/250)Tuska mask plate.png Tuska mask plate (1/250)Tuska mask top.png Tuska mask top (1/250)
  1. ^ a b c d e f This is the highest drop rate, see the item page for drop rates per monster.

Karamja[edit | edit source]

Unlocks the title: [Name] of the Jungle

Dragon platelegs.png Dragon platelegs (Uncommon)[n 1]Dragon plateskirt.png Dragon plateskirt (Uncommon)[n 1]Whip vine.png Whip vine (1/512)[n 1]Toktz-mej-tal.png Toktz-mej-tal (Rare)[n 1]
Toktz-xil-ul.png Toktz-xil-ul (Rare)[n 1]Toktz-xil-ak.png Toktz-xil-ak (Rare)[n 1]Toktz-xil-ek.png Toktz-xil-ek (Rare)[n 1]TzHaar-Ket-Om.png TzHaar-Ket-Om (Rare)[n 1]
Toktz-ket-xil.png Toktz-ket-xil (Rare)[n 1]Obsidian cape.png Obsidian cape (Rare)[n 1]Ring of stone.png Ring of stone (1/5000)[n 1]Gemstone hauberk.png Gemstone hauberk (1/2500)
Gemstone boots.png Gemstone boots (1/5000)Gemstone gauntlets.png Gemstone gauntlets (1/5000)Gemstone helm.png Gemstone helm (1/5000)Gemstone greaves.png Gemstone greaves (1/5000)
  1. ^ a b c d e f g h i j k This is the highest drop rate, see the item page for drop rates per monster.

Keldagrim[edit | edit source]

Unlocks the title: [Name] the Stout Slayer

Granite shield.png Granite shield (1/128)[n 1]Hand cannon.png Hand cannon (1/132)Hand cannon shot.png Hand cannon shot (3/132)Dragon throwing axe.png Dragon throwing axe (3/100)
Off-hand dragon throwing axe.png Off-hand dragon throwing axe (3/100)Dragon pickaxe.png Dragon pickaxe (1/5000)[n 1]
  1. ^ a b This is the highest drop rate, see the item page for drop rates per monster.

Kharidian Desert[edit | edit source]

Unlocks the title: [Name] the Devourer

Focus sight.png Focus sight (Very rare)Dragon chainbody.png Dragon chainbody (1/128)[n 1]Vital spark.png Vital spark (1/32)[n 1]Corrupted gem.png Corrupted gem (Very rare)[n 1]
Khopesh of the Kharidian.png Khopesh of the Kharidian (1/15000)[n 1]Key to the Crossing.png Key to the Crossing (Always)[n 1]Raptor key part 2.png Raptor key part 2 (1/256)[n 1]Raptor key part 3.png Raptor key part 3 (1/256)
Camel staff.png Camel staff (1/10000)Ripper claw.png Ripper claw (1/10000)[n 1]Off-hand ripper claw.png Off-hand ripper claw (1/10000)[n 1]Parasitic orb.png Parasitic orb (3/1000)[n 1]
  1. ^ a b c d e f g h i This is the highest drop rate, see the item page for drop rates per monster.

Lost Lands and Dungeons[edit | edit source]

Unlocks the title: [Name] the Harbinger of Death

Black mask (10).png Black mask (10) (Rare)[n 1]Scare Tactics.png Scare Tactics (Rare)[n 1]Brackish blade.png Brackish blade (Rare)Dragon boots.png Dragon boots (1/128)
Dragon gauntlets.png Dragon gauntlets (1/256)Dragon limbs.png Dragon limbs (1/256)Ruined dragon armour lump.png Ruined dragon armour lump (1/1056)Ruined dragon armour slice.png Ruined dragon armour slice (1/1056)
Ruined dragon armour shard.png Ruined dragon armour shard (1/1056)Dragon claw.png Dragon claw (1/256)Off-hand dragon claw.png Off-hand dragon claw (1/256)Steadfast boots.png Steadfast boots (1/1280)
Glaiven boots.png Glaiven boots (1/1280)Ragefire boots.png Ragefire boots (1/1280)Shards of Armadyl.png Shards of Armadyl (5/48)Penny.png Penny (Various[n 2])
Seiryu's claw.png Seiryu's claw (Very rare)[n 1]The Path of the Monk.png The Path of the Monk (1/16)[n 1]The Path of the Elemental.png The Path of the Elemental (1/32)[n 1]The Path of the Dragon.png The Path of the Dragon (1/64)[n 1]
Cinderbane gloves.png Cinderbane gloves (1/1000)[n 1]Ancient elven ritual shard.png Ancient elven ritual shard (1/1000)[n 1]Blowpipe chitin.png Blowpipe chitin (1/20000)[n 1]Blowpipe feather.png Blowpipe feather (1/20000)[n 1]
Blowpipe fins.png Blowpipe fins (1/20000)[n 1]Bone blowpipe.png Bone blowpipe (1/20000)[n 1]Laceration boots.png Laceration boots (1/200)[n 1]Blast diffusion boots.png Blast diffusion boots (1/200)[n 1]
  1. ^ a b c d e f g h i j k l m n This is the highest drop rate, see the item page for drop rates per monster.
  2. ^ Requires a dark soul, mind, and body — which have drop rates of 1/1000, 1/2000, and 1/3000, respectively — from the truthful, blissful, and manifest shadows.

Morytania[edit | edit source]

Unlocks the title: [Name] the Scourge of the Undead

Congealed blood 1000.png Congealed blood (Common)[n 1]Black boots.png Black boots (12/128)[n 1]Dark mystic hat.png Dark mystic hat (Rare)[n 1]Dark mystic robe top.png Dark mystic robe top (1/512)[n 1]
Dark mystic robe bottom.png Dark mystic robe bottom (1/512)Dark mystic gloves.png Dark mystic gloves (Rare)[n 1]Dark mystic boots.png Dark mystic boots (Rare)[n 1]Lava battlestaff.png Lava battlestaff (2/128)[n 1]
Granite maul.png Granite maul (1/512)[n 1]Granite helm.png Granite helm (2/512)Abyssal wand.png Abyssal wand (1/6104)[n 1]Abyssal orb.png Abyssal orb (1/6104)[n 1]
Abyssal whip.png Abyssal whip (1/1024)[n 1]Crawling hand (item).png Crawling hand (item) (1/512)[n 1]Abyssal head.png Abyssal head (1/5000)[n 1]Ganodermic gloves.png Ganodermic gloves (3/256)[n 1]
Ganodermic boots.png Ganodermic boots (3/256)[n 1]Polypore stick.png Polypore stick (3/256)Grifolic shield.png Grifolic shield (4/256)Grifolic wand.png Grifolic wand (4/256)
Grifolic orb.png Grifolic orb (Uncommon)Grifolic gloves.png Grifolic gloves (Uncommon)Celestial handwraps.png Celestial handwraps (Very rare)[n 1]Dragon Rider helm.png Dragon Rider helm (1/5120)
Dragon Rider body.png Dragon Rider body (1/5120)Dragon Rider chaps.png Dragon Rider chaps (1/5120)Dragon Rider cape.png Dragon Rider cape (1/5120)Dragon Rider kit.png Dragon Rider kit (1/5120)
  1. ^ a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p This is the highest drop rate, see the item page for drop rates per monster.

Other Worlds[edit | edit source]

Unlocks the title: [Name], Gielinor's Champion

Dragon ward.png Dragon ward (Rare)Dragon hasta.png Dragon hasta (Uncommon)[n 1]Dragon knife.png Dragon knife (Rare)Off-hand dragon knife.png Off-hand dragon knife (Rare)
Vampyre fangs.png Vampyre fangs (Common)Icyene feather.png Icyene feather (Common)Demon horn.png Demon horn (Common)Aviansie talons.png Aviansie talons (Common)
Attuned crystal weapon seed.png Attuned crystal weapon seed (Uncommon)[n 1]Attuned crystal armour seed.png Attuned crystal armour seed (Uncommon)[n 1]Ancient elven wedding ring.png Ancient elven wedding ring (Very rare)Nightmare gauntlets.png Nightmare gauntlets (1/10000)
Steadfast scale.png Steadfast scale (1/192)[n 1]Glaiven wing-tip.png Glaiven wing-tip (1/33)[n 1]Ragefire gland.png Ragefire gland (1/192)[n 1]Kethsi ring (5).png Kethsi ring (5) (1/512)[n 1]
Kethsi outfit scroll.png Kethsi outfit scroll (1/200)
  1. ^ a b c d e f g This is the highest drop rate, see the item page for drop rates per monster.

Senntisten[edit | edit source]

Unlocks the title: [Name], of the Zarosian Empire

Dwarf multicannon upgrade kit.png Dwarf multicannon upgrade kit (5/64)[n 1]Kinetic cyclone upgrade kit.png Kinetic cyclone upgrade kit (5/64)[n 1]Oldak coil upgrade kit.png Oldak coil upgrade kit (5/64)[n 1]Steadfast boots.png Steadfast boots (1/1280)
Glaiven boots.png Glaiven boots (1/1280)Ragefire boots.png Ragefire boots (1/1280)Jaws of the Abyss.png Jaws of the Abyss (1/5000)Abyssal scourge.png Abyssal scourge (1/10000)
  1. ^ a b c This is the highest drop rate, see the item page for drop rates per monster.

Wilderness[edit | edit source]

Unlocks the title: [Name], Forinthry's Fury

Dragon chainbody.png Dragon chainbody (1/128)[n 1]Corrupt dragon helm.png Corrupt dragon helm (Very rare)[n 1]Corrupt dragon chainbody.png Corrupt dragon chainbody (Very rare)[n 1]Corrupt dragon platelegs.png Corrupt dragon platelegs (Very rare)[n 1]
Corrupt dragon plateskirt.png Corrupt dragon plateskirt (Very rare)[n 1]Corrupt dragon battleaxe.png Corrupt dragon battleaxe (Very rare)[n 1]Corrupt dragon dagger.png Corrupt dragon dagger (Very rare)[n 1]Corrupt dragon longsword.png Corrupt dragon longsword (Very rare)[n 1]
Corrupt dragon mace.png Corrupt dragon mace (Very rare)[n 1]Corrupt dragon scimitar.png Corrupt dragon scimitar (Very rare)[n 1]Corrupt dragon spear.png Corrupt dragon spear (Very rare)[n 1]Corrupt dragon sq shield.png Corrupt dragon sq shield (Very rare)[n 1]
Statius's full helm.png Statius's full helm (10/90916)[n 1]Statius's platebody.png Statius's platebody (10/90916)[n 1]Statius's platelegs.png Statius's platelegs (10/90916)[n 1]Statius's warhammer.png Statius's warhammer (10/90916)[n 1]
Vesta's chainbody.png Vesta's chainbody (10/90916)[n 1]Vesta's plateskirt.png Vesta's plateskirt (10/90916)[n 1]Vesta's longsword.png Vesta's longsword (10/90916)[n 1]Vesta's spear.png Vesta's spear (10/90916)[n 1]
Zuriel's hood.png Zuriel's hood (10/90916)[n 1]Zuriel's robe top.png Zuriel's robe top (10/90916)[n 1]Zuriel's robe bottom.png Zuriel's robe bottom (10/90916)[n 1]Zuriel's staff.png Zuriel's staff (10/90916)[n 1]
Morrigan's coif.png Morrigan's coif (10/90916)[n 1]Morrigan's leather body.png Morrigan's leather body (10/90916)[n 1]Morrigan's leather chaps.png Morrigan's leather chaps (10/90916)[n 1]Morrigan's javelin.png Morrigan's javelin (10/90916)[n 1]
Morrigan's throwing axe.png Morrigan's throwing axe (10/90916)[n 1]Ancient warriors' equipment patch.png Ancient warriors' equipment patch (Rare)[n 1]Fremennik equipment patch.png Fremennik equipment patch (Uncommon)[n 1]Revenant drop enhancer.png Revenant drop enhancer (Rare)[n 1]
Wilderness hilt.png Wilderness hilt (Rare)[n 1]Adrenaline crystal.png Adrenaline crystal (Uncommon)[n 1]Revenant Spirit.png Revenant Spirit (Very rare)[n 1]Wyrm spike.png Wyrm spike (1/1536)[n 1]
Wyrm heart.png Wyrm heart (1/1536)[n 1]Wyrm scalp.png Wyrm scalp (1/1536)[n 1]Greater Sonic Wave ability codex.png Greater Sonic Wave ability codex (Very rare)[n 1]
  1. ^ a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z aa ab ac ad ae af ag ah ai aj ak al am This is the highest drop rate, see the item page for drop rates per monster.

General drops[edit | edit source]

Tooth half of a key.png Tooth half of a key (5/64)[n 1]Loop half of a key.png Loop half of a key (5/64)[n 1]Ghostly essence.png Ghostly essence (Uncommon)[n 1]Crystal triskelion fragment 1.png Crystal triskelion fragment 1 (1/18)[n 1]
Crystal triskelion fragment 2.png Crystal triskelion fragment 2 (1/18)[n 1]Crystal triskelion fragment 3.png Crystal triskelion fragment 3 (1/18)[n 1]Starved ancient effigy.png Starved ancient effigy (1/128)[n 1]Ferocious ring (5).png Ferocious ring (5) (Uncommon)[n 1]
Sirenic scale.png Sirenic scale (1/17)[n 1]Cursed amascut sand.png Cursed amascut sand (1/1024)[n 1]Draconic visage.png Draconic visage (11/200)[n 1]Red dragon egg.png Red dragon egg (Rare)
Blue dragon egg.png Blue dragon egg (Rare)Green dragon egg.png Green dragon egg (Rare)Black dragon egg.png Black dragon egg (Rare)Ectoplasmator.png Ectoplasmator (Very rare)[n 1]
Cremation.png Cremation ability (1/1000)[n 1]Deployable herb burner.png Deployable herb burner (Very rare)[n 1]Bone fragments 9.png Bone fragments (4/5)[n 1]
  1. ^ a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o This is the highest drop rate, see the item page for drop rates per monster.

Store locations[edit | edit source]

This is an auto-generated list (update now). For a full list, see here. For help, see the FAQ.

Update history[edit | edit source]

This information has been compiled as part of the update history project. Some updates may not be included—see here for how to help out!
  • patch 11 April 2023 (Update):
    • Bone Fragments have been added to the General Slayer Collection Log.
    • Greater Sonic Wave Ability Codex has been added to the Wilderness Collection Log.
  • patch 25 July 2022 (Update):
    • Fixed an issue where players could collect multiple ectoplasmators without checking it off in the Slayer Log.
  • patch 30 May 2022 (Update):
    • Fixed an issue where clicking on Jaws of the Abyss in the Slayer Log pointed to the Abyssal Scourge.
  • patch 27 September 2021 (Update):
    • Resolved an issue that was causing the Senntisten section of the Slayer collection log to be incorrectly marked as complete for some users.
  • ninja 6 April 2021 (Update):
    • All Collection Log interfaces will stay open while in or entering combat and when interacting with objects. They will also update in real time. For example, the Clue Collection Log will remain on-screen and update as you open clue caskets.
  • patch 6 April 2020 (Update):
    • The Slayer and Boss Collection logs will now open correctly when accessed via the Slayer counter.
  • patch 9 December 2019 (Update):
    • The favourite button now has a proper description in the Slayer log.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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