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S[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
Santa Santa Claus, Santa hat
Sara Saradomin
SC Stealing Creation minigame
Scimmy, Scim Scimitar
Scop Scopulus mechanic at Vorago
Scrim Scrimshaw, a pocket slot item.
Seers Seers' Village
Seis Seismic wand and Seismic singularity
SGB Seren godbow
SGS Saradomin godsword or Solomon's General Store
SHB Silverhawk boots
Sh10, St10 Mirage role at Yakamaru responsible for tanking and closing the Shark pool with 10 planks.
Sig Sigil or Ascension signet
Sign The activation of a Sign of life, Sign of death, Portent of life, Portent of death, Defence cape perk, or Desert pantheon aura ward of Icthlarin effect.
Sing Seismic singularity
Sip(s) Perfect juju potion doses, generally refers to free Perfect juju prayer potion sips available while Prayer training at a POH
Size x The layer that the Shooting Star is currently on. Often abbreviated to just SX, such as S5.
Skiller Someone who trains non-combat skills (can be any combat level), more commonly someone who trains non-combat skills primarily or exclusively.
Smited Having prayer points depleted, usually by Smite or Soul Split prayers in PvP.
Smoke Smoke pool in Nex: Angel of Death
Snipe To receive a desirable drop in LootShare, when one does not have the distinct highest LootShare potential in the team.
Sof Squeal of Fortune, preceded Treasure Hunter
Soph The city of Sophanem
Sos Staff of Sliske or Stronghold of security
Spec Special attack
SS Soul Split, Spirit shields, screenshot
Stall The act of stalling adrenaline, or the delay Vorago has when he moves a square on phase 5 in NM, or phases 10/11 on HM
Steads Steadfast Boots
Str Strength
Stronghold Stronghold of security
Subj Subjugation equipment
Summ Summoning skill
Sun Sunshine ability
Sup Superior version. E.g. Superior Morrigan's javelin
Super set All of the super potions relevant to that combat style. Super attack, strength, and defence for melee; super ranged and defence for ranged; and super magic and defence for magic. All five potions are necessary if tribridding.
SWH, Stat hammer Statius's warhammer