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R[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
R Ready
R2H Rune 2h sword
RaF, RAF Refer a Friend Programme
Rago Vorago
Rax Araxxor/Araxxi
RB Re-bank (to withdraw more food or potions, etc.), Red Base (Stealing Creation)
Rcb Royal Crossbow
RCing Runecrafting
RDI Southeast of the Red Dragon Isle, Wilderness Warbands location
RDT Rare drop table
Reck Reckless aura
Recoil, RoR Ring of Recoil
Red barred Term sometimes used to describe a person with so little Life points remaining that its health bar appears to be completely red.
Rep Reputation at various places
Req(s) Request assistance, Requirement(s)
Res, Reso Resonance defensive ability
Reset Daily, weekly and monthly resets. Resetting Liberation of Mazcab locks.
Rev(s) Revenant
Revo Revolution mode of combat
Rex Dagannoth Rex
Rg Re-group
RFD Recipe for Disaster
Rm Rematch
Rng, RNG Random Number Generator
RoD Ring of death
RoF Ring of Fortune
Rot Boss rotation. Applies to bosses with mechanics that vary periodically.
ROTM Ritual of the Mahjarrat
ROTS Barrows: Rise of the Six
RoW Ring of Wealth
RR Reroll
RS RuneScape
RSC RuneScape Classic
RSN RuneScape Name, i.e. a player's username or character name
RSMV A music video filmed in RuneScape, uploaded to video sites such as YouTube
RSOF RuneScape Official Forums
RT, Rocks Rocktail
RWT Real world trading