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P[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
P# Precise (Invention perk, rank #), Phase #
P2P(er) Members (Pay-to-Play)
Pass, pw Password, Shantay Pass, Underground Pass
Pb Personal best completion time, Purple Bomb rotation/mechanic at Vorago
PC Pest Control, Price check
Peng(s) Penguins from the Penguin Hide and Seek Distraction.
PF, PF switch Planted Feet Invention perk
Ph, Phat Partyhat
Phas Port Phasmatys
Phase (verb) To push a boss into the next phase, usually timed carefully to give an advantage to the player.
Pile, Piling Multiple people attacking the same opponent in PvP
Pick Pickaxe
PK, PKer, PKing Player Killer/Player killing. Someone who is fighting other players - specifically in the Wilderness or other high risk PvP areas.
Plate Platebody
PM, DM Private message
PMod Player Moderator
Pneck Phoenix necklace, commonly used for PvP and Vorago entry
Ports Player-owned port, Portables
POF Player-owned farm
POH Player-owned houses
POP Player-owned port
Pot, Pots Potions
Pp Pyramid Plunder, Prayer points, polypore
Pray Pot/Ppot Prayer potion, but can also loosely refer to Super restores and other prayer-restoring potions.
Prep Preparation, prepare
Prif, Priff Prifddinas
Proc/Procs Process, activation. Programmed Random Occurrence.
Prot, Prot item Protect Item prayer or curse (typically PvP terminology), Protect from Magic/Melee/Ranged prayers or Deflect curses.
PT Poison tank role at Yakamaru, Pet tank roles at Beastmaster Durzag
Pure Someone who trains only one type of skill; someone who only trains specific combat skills, or only non-combat skills. (Those who specifically train non-combat skills only are more commonly known as skillers).
Puz, Puzz Liberation of Mazcab puzzle
Pw Password