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I[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
Ice Icicle mechanic at Nex or Nex: Angel of Death
IFB Insane Final Boss achievement/title
Ignore, Iggy'd Ignore list, added to ignore list.
IM, Iron Ironman
Immort Immortality defensive ability
In An invitation to enter; usually refers to a boss instance, POH, or the Clan Wars purple portal.
Inc Incite
Incand(s) Incandescent wisps, Incandescent energy
Inv Inventory, Invention, requesting an invite to a group/clan/etc.
IOM "In on me". Used to tell other players to enter an instanced area via the person's name.
Ior The Iorwerth district in Prifddinas, typically used when saying where the Voice of Seren currently is.
Ith The Ithell district, similar to above.