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H[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
Hally Halberd
Harm ore Harmonised rocks
HC, HCIM Hardcore Ironman
Hef The Hefin district in Prifddinas, typically used when saying where the Voice of Seren currently is.
Herb Herblore
Hilt Godsword hilt, Araxxi's fang, web, eye.
HLF High level forums, forums which can only be accessed by having an account with level 99 in all skills.
Hop To change worlds, i.e. "Let's hop worlds."
HP Hitpoints. Could be used to refer to a player's Constitution level, an amount of Life points, or to Hitpoints as it was before the 3 March 2010 updates.
HSR Hazelmere's signet ring
Hybrid Catering to more than one combat style of the combat triangle
H/V Heal & provoke role at Kalphite King, responsible for drawing aggression away from the tank during the green mechanic. Can also use Heal Other on the tank.