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F[edit | edit source]



F Free players from the sand pool mechanic at Yakamaru, flip to reveal the face during the Raids puzzle
F "Fresh" - Indicates the time (since spawn) of certain Distractions & Diversions, such as the Travelling Merchant or Soul Obelisks (Menaphos)

Particularly useful in D&D Friend Chats

F(number), NF(number) Floor number in Daemonheim. The N variant stands for "Need floor".
F2P, F2Pers, Ftp, Freers Non-members (Free-to-play).
Fally Falador.
FB Final Boss achievement/title
Fc/Fcc Friends chat channel.
Ff Fish Flingers
FFA Free for all. Person who deals the most damage gets the drop.
FI/Fall/Fi Fall in, used to get people to follow a leader into a war or battle or player killing trip.
FoG Fist of Guthix.
FL Friend's list
Flip A trading term that refers to buying an item and then, within a short period of time, selling it for a profit.
FM Firemaking
FMod Forum moderator.
Forts Fortunate components, or the Treasure Trails Rewards that can be disassembled to obtain them.
Frag(s) Short for "fragments"; e.g. Soul fragments used in Soul Wars; fragments in Stealing Creation; Sacred metal fragments used in the Battle of Lumbridge; Chronicle fragment used in Divination
Fremmy, Frem Fremennik.
Frost(s) Frost Dragon or Frost Dragon Bones
FSOA, FSoA Fractured Staff of Armadyl
Full Complete armour set that usually consists of a helm, shield, body piece and leg piece, in Raids "full" (i.e. a "full raid") refers to killing both Beastmaster Durzag and Yakamaru in one trip