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D[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
D/Drag (weapon/armour name) Dragon equipment
D/A or D/M Disassemble or Dismantle (Invention)
Da, Duel Duel Arena, ring of duelling
Dag(s), Dagg Dagannoth, dagger
Daily, Dailies Daily events, Daily challenges
Dbane Dragonbane arrows, Dragonbane bolts
Dbones Dragon bones
DC, DC'd Disconnect, disconnected. Used when players have lost connection with the game server. May result in death if in dangerous combat.
Dclaws Dragon claws
D&D, Distractions Distractions and Diversions
DD, Death dot Death dot, a multicombat player killing tactic where a number of players stand on the same square, making them appear as one player on the minimap.
De Dead end, usually used in Dungeoneering
Debil Debilitate ability
Denk Dead end, no key, a term used in Dungeoneering stating that there is no key in a recently-reached dead end room.
Dewk Dead end, with key, a term used in Dungeoneering stating that there is a key in a recently-reached dead end room.
Def Defence, Defender
Devo Devotion
Dfs Dragonfire shield
Dh Dharok the Wretched's equipment
D hide, D'hide Dragon hide
Div Loc Divine location
Divine, Div, Divi Divine spirit shield, Divination
DK, DKs Dagannoth Kings
DM Deathmatch, Dark magic aura, or Dominion mine
Dome Shield Dome
Dp Drop party
DPS, DPM Damage Per Second/Minute (amount of damage dealt over time)
Drag Dragon, either the type of armour or the monster
DRS Deadly red spiders
Dry, Drys Drygore weaponry
DS, DSwift Death's Swiftness
DT Desert Treasure, Dominion Tower
DTB Deathtouch bracelet
DTD Deathtouched dart
Dg, Dung Dungeoneering
Dummy Training dummy, Combat dummy, or Elite training dummy
DW Dual wield
DWF Dark Warriors' Fortress
DXP/DXW/DXPW Double XP Weekend