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Overview[edit source]

The Skype conversation is now closed. This page is preserved for historical reasons.

The RuneScape Wiki has its own conversation in Skype, where users can talk freely about whatever they want.

Joining the conversation[edit source]

To join the conversation add Gaz Lloyd in Skype and ask them to add you to the wiki's conversation. In the process of adding them, there is an area to input a message to send as part of the contact request - you should specifically ask to be added to the Wiki conversation in this field. If you do not, the user will not know that you are from the wiki and may not accept your request.

Note: If you mistakenly do not change the field and send a default request, please contact the person you added as soon as possible by another means (e.g. their talk page) and let them know your skype name so they can deal with it.

Rules[edit source]

  1. All normal RuneScape Wiki rules apply, in particular:
    1. The user treatment policy
    2. The user block policy
  2. All RuneScape/Jagex rules and terms apply.
  3. Please do not call the entire group (when the number in the group drops below the call threshold), instead make a new, smaller group consisting of those who wish to be in the call.
  4. Don't add random people without their consent.

Handling rule breakers[edit source]

If someone breaks a rule, then one of the call operators may:

  • edit or remove the offending message (especially if the message is spam or offensively insulting another user)
  • make the offending user a "listener" (the user is still present in the conversation but cannot send any messages)
  • temporarily or permanently remove the offending user from the conversation

If no operators are online and someone breaks the rules (i.e. user treatment policy or spam), feel free to leave the conversation and ask an operator to re-add you when the rulebreaker is dealt with.

Skype Commands[edit source]

The basis of Skype is very user-friendly, however there are a number of other commands that are not accessed via the graphical interface.

All commands are preceded with a forward slash. Things in pointed brackets (<>) represent user input, the brackets are not required. Note that skypename is the account name on Skype, not the display name (comparable with account and display names in RuneScape itself).

Command Description Example
/me <action> Describes an action of the user by printing his name followed by the action. /me dances
/leave Leaves the chat - also via Conversation→Leave Conversation /leave
/add <skypename> Adds a person to the chat - also via Conversation→Add people..., or various other methods /add example
/get role Shows your current 'role' - whether you are a standard user, a listener or an operator/master /get role
/get <creator|masters|users|listeners> Returns a list of the creator, masters (operators), users or listeners in the chat. /get masters
/showmembers Returns the people currently in the chat with their respective role. /showmembers
/info Returns the number of people currently in the chat, and the maximum. /info

Operator commands[edit source]

Also known as masters or hosts, operators have some extra commands.

Command Description Example
/kick <skypename> Removes a user from the chat - they can rejoin by one of the ways listed above. /kick example
/kickban <skypename> Removes a user from the chat and prevents them from rejoining. /kickban <skypename>
/topic <newtopic> Sets the topic for the chat - can also be done via GUI. Please try to conserve the topic format. /topic Community Channel for the RuneScape wiki! | | Also on freenode: #rswiki| Rules: | Welcome!

If you are a sysop, are in the chat and wish to be an operator/master, contact and he will make you one.

More commands[edit source]

For more information on Skype commands, see here and here.