Skillcape Customiser

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The customiser screen for the max cape
The customiser screen for the completionist cape

The Skillcape Customiser is an interface unique to the max cape and completionist cape that allows the wearer to choose the particular colours of the cape. Herald capes, clan cloaks, the RuneFest 2011 Hood, and the RuneFest 2013 Cape can also use a similar customiser, however they do not have the right click "Set H/S/L" and "Get H/S/L" options that the max and completionist capes have.

There are four different areas on both capes that may be recoloured, defaulting to a red theme. The colour scheme is shared between an account's max and completionist capes, so they cannot have different themes. Clicking the reset button on the bottom right part of the window will reset the cape(s) to the default colours.

The HSL form; The bar on the right-hand side determines hue; the Y-axis determines saturation; the X-axis determines lightness

The colours on the cape are represented with hue-saturation-lightness coordinates. Unlike normal HSL coordinates, which are in the ranges [0,360°] for hue and [0,100%] for both saturation and lightness, RuneScape's system uses the ranges [0,63] for hue, [0,7] for saturation, and [0,127] for lightness. This allows for 65,536 uniquely defined colours, and 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 (more than 18 quintillion) total combinations.

Hue determines what part of the spectrum will define the integrity of the colour. Starting with low values, the spectrum follows the colours of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and rolling over back to red. The range for hue is 0 to 63, inclusive.

Saturation determines how intense the colour will be. Lower values produce grey, and higher values produce "purer" colours. The range for saturation is 0 to 7, inclusive.

Lightness determines how dark the colour will be. Lower values produce darker colours, and higher values produce lighter colours. The range for lightness is 0 to 127, inclusive.

Default colours

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