Skeleton (Ancient Cavern)

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Barbarian skeletons are initially non-aggressive skeletons scattered around the Ancient Cavern. There are, in total, three skeletons that can be rummaged throughout the ground floor[UK]1st floor[US] of the cavern.

  • One is near a skeleton thug. Use Protect/Deflect Magic as there are some brutal green dragons nearby.
  • One is near the waterfiends near the staircases. Use of Protect/Deflect magic then Protect/Deflect range should be used.
  • One is right between the confused and lost barbarians. Players should use Protect/Deflect Magic as the passage the confused barbarian is in is not safe, and there are several brutal green dragons near it.

Messages and rewards when rummaging skeletons:

"You rummage in the sharp, slimy pile of bones in search of something useful..."

  • " find something and stow it in your pack." (Or, if the inventory is full, " find something, but it drops to the floor."). Items that may be found include:
  • "...the bones object." One of the following barbarian skeletons will appear and attack (Protect from Melee is effective against them):
  • "...but there's nothing remotely valuable." Nothing was found.

When rummaged, the pile of bones disappear. It respawns after about two minutes. If a skeleton heavy or hero appears when it was rummaged, the heavy or hero disappears when the pile of bones respawns.

Be aware that rummaging a skeleton may result in the player taking 2000 or more damage.

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