Skeka's tablet

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This tablet contains instructions on how to make the relic Soma, and can be found on the lectern inside the ruins of the observation outpost.

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Transcript[edit | edit source]

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Skeka's tablet.

I have devised a recipe for a new and potent nootropic, which should be of great value to our students here (as well as my own...research). It is brewed almost entirely from ingredients native to this island, but the recipe must be followed precisely in order.

  1. Start with an orthenglass flask, then add some additional dragon metal to reinforce the neck.
  2. Fill this reinforced flask with water. I have found the most potent base is the waters from the pool where the Kindra hold their council meetings.
  3. Steep one of the herbs found in abundance across this island, seemingly the exclusive source of them.
  4. To this herb and water solution, add a fruit from the guarana tree (important note: NOT pulped!).
  5. Finally, add the sweetest honey you can find.
This concoction I have dubbed 'Soma'.

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