Sixth Elder God

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The sixth elder god was first mentioned by Zaros during The Light Within, stating that it is not of form, but 'something else'.[1] He discovered this by searching for the memories of the Elder Gods within the Elder Halls on Freneskae.

At RuneFest 2017, the 'something else' term was used again in reference cosmology.[2] The Elder Gods created the following worlds alongside a currently unknown 'something else'.

World Planar Alignment Creator Sub-plane
Ocularis Body rune.png Body Bik and something else Primordial plane
Teragard Law rune.png Law Wen and something else Primordial plane
Kethsi Mind rune.png Mind Jas and something else Primordial plane
Naragun Nature rune.png Nature Bik and something else Higher plane
Hallow Astral rune.png Astral Jas, Wen and something else Transcendental plane
Tarddiad Soul rune.png Soul Jas, Bik and something else Transcendental plane

Interestingly, Zaros used similar phrasing when describing the power of Raksha, a shadow anima infused colossus. He said that the power of Raksha did not come from the Elder Gods but from 'somewhere else...'.[3] This is despite the fact Raksha was empowered by the Codex, an Elder Artefact created by the Elder Gods.[4] This could imply that the Sixth Elder God is related to shadow anima. Further, in Desperate Measures, Charos tells the player that their soul contains shadow anima, referring to it as 'something else'.[5] Charos believes this was a consequence of Guthix anointing the player as World Guardian. For some reason, Guthix did not just transfer some of his divine power, but shadow anima too. He also believes that the shadow anima within the soul of the World Guardian could explain their resistance to the power of the gods. [6] However, it is currently unknown how Guthix became familiar with, or acquired, shadow anima.

In Heart of Stone, the World Guardian and Ariane find an empty Kra chamber beneath the Lumbridge Catacombs. This concerned Azzanadra as the chamber of Jas, Ful, Wen and Bik had already been discovered, and Mah never arrived upon Gielinor.[7] However, he refuses to speculate or give any further information. As each of the Elder Gods have a Kra chamber, it is possible that this is the chamber of the Sixth Elder God.

References[edit | edit source]

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