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Sister Anna was a nun at the Abbey of St. Elspeth Citharede. She aided Abbess Benita with running the abbey, screening potential recruits while Benita dealt with the paperwork.[1][2] She was rather strict, wanting to enforce harsher rules and punishments than Abbess Benita would allow,[3][4] which often led to heated debates.[5] She was considered to be Abbess Benita's eventual successor.[1] She wrote three religious texts which can be found around the abbey: 'The Lives of the Seven Priestly Warriors', 'Saint Elspeth and Saint Zilyana' and 'The Stillness of the Feet on the Path of Penitence'.

She was originally from Lumbridge. Before joining the abbey, she worked as a dancer and had a relationship with the troubadour Valerio.[6] One day, they came across a priest who inspired her to abandon her dancing and dedicate her life to Saradomin, though she refused to divulge her "immoral" past.[7][8]

After interviewing Isabella, a dancer who thought to join the abbey, Sister Anna went mad and killed the applicant, disguising the body as her own to fake her own death.[9] She believed that she had been blessed by Saint Elspeth, being empowered by the saint to cleanse the abbey of unrepentant sinners.[10] She continued her killing spree, killing Sister Elena for continuing her relationship with Valerio, Sister Catherina for dancing, and Sister Cabbage for being a dancing girl. After being caught by an adventurer brought in to discreetly investigate the murder, she fled up the abbey's clocktower, taking Sister Debora hostage. The bell rang, distracting Sister Anna and allowing Sister Debora to disarm the killer and flee. Sister Anna was cured of her madness, then fell from the tower, either being pushed by the adventurer, committing suicide to redeem herself, or believing herself forgiven and trying to fly like an icyene.

It is up to interpretation if Sister Anna committed the acts under her own power, or if she had been possessed by the spirit of the Ripper, the Zamorakian ripper demon who assassinated Saint Elspeth.

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 6 July 2020 (Update):
    • The bell in Citharede Abbey no longer disappears after the cutscene with Sister Anna.

References[edit | edit source]

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