Sir Rinch's notes

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Sir Rinch's notes can be viewed by investigating the corpse of Sir Rinch, found upon entering the Grotworm Lair on the first level.

Transcipt[edit | edit source]

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Sir Rinch's notes.

I, Sir Rinch, am writing these observations to use as evidence against Sir Rebrum; I'll use them to file a formal complaint as soon as this mission is over.

Sir Rebrum is a maniac. Beneath his crafted, outrageous persona lies a ruthless man only interested in his own advancement. He's under heavy pressure from higher up to make another push into the caves. We've already seen what's down there - as soon as the terrain slopes downward, a death trap of giant worms awaits! And yet, tomorrow morning, he is going to make us charge inside, knowing it's futile. That way after we've suffered heavy losses, he can claim he doesn't have the manpower to investigate down the caves, and can simply sit comfortably in his tent, saying he's contained the worms. Another lie - the worms never really cared for sunlight in the first place, and almost certainly would not have been a threat to Rimmington even without any action on our part.

Where do they come from? They are unlike anything we've seen before. Sir Rebrum seems utterly uninterested in the nature of these worms. Having slain several and examined the corpses, we noticed that their ventral sacs sometime contained remarkable well-preserved objects one would never expect to find in the stomach of a creature. My guess is that there is some kind of equipment cache or treasure deep in these tunnels, and that these mindless worms have been eating through it. How else would one explain these crossbow bolts and armour enhancements that we've salvaged from their insides? But Sir Rebrum doesn't seem to care about this information, even though it could help solve the mystery and guarantee the safety of the nearby towns! He is plainly irresponsible.

We have also found ripped pieces of some sort of hide inside these creatures, as if they had been chewing through some dead creatures. I think these worms are carrion eaters; what's particularly intriguing is that judging by the texture and rigidity of the hides, the creatures they come from must be massive! They might even all come from the same one. I know this sounds crazy, but I think that deep down in these caverns lies the corpse of a gigantic, terrifying creature, and that these creatures have been feeding on it. Of course, Sir Rebrum doesn't believe a word of this. 'Worms are worms, giant or not. No sense thinking about it too hard,' he says. The words of a fool.

A hidden threat could easily lurk behind the obvious ones if we don't investigate it properly!