Sir Ceril's money pouch

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Sir Ceril's money pouch detail.png

Sir Ceril's money pouch is used during the Carnillean Rising quest, and it is also a reward for completing it.

It is one of the two possible 'riches' to choose from in the quest - the other being Lady Henryeta's necklace. It can be found on the bed in the master bedroom on the first floor of the Carnillean mansion.

If the player chooses this item for use in the quest, they must use it on Claus the chef after he has been put in the Drunken Jailor hotspot. Philipe Carnillean will then take the money pouch off of Claus in his quest after he has gotten Claus drunk.

If used during the quest, the money pouch may be claimed from the chest next to Sir Ceril Carnillean after the quest is complete. Once opened, 5,000 coins will be added to your money pouch.

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