Sir Atcha: Saradominist III

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This article is about the achievement. For the archaeology collection, see Saradominist III.
For the other tiers of this achievement chain, see Sir Atcha: Saradominist.

Sir Atcha: Saradominist III is an achievement that requires the player to complete the third unique Archaeology collection for Sir Atcha.

Collection[edit | edit source]

Archaeology Archaeology level: 100
One-time reward: N/A
Every time reward: Tetracompass piece and 4,548 chronotes

ArtefactArchaeology LevelArchaeology XPChronotesHotspotMaterialsMaterial costs
Dominarian device.png Dominarian device848,555.6686Oikos fishing hut remnants1 × Dominarian device (damaged).png Dominarian device (damaged)
30 × Everlight silvthril.png Everlight silvthril
22 × Keramos.png Keramos
22 × Third Age iron.png Third Age iron
1 × Clockwork.png Clockwork
Fishing trident.png Fishing trident848,555.6686Oikos fishing hut remnants1 × Fishing trident (damaged).png Fishing trident (damaged)
22 × Star of Saradomin.png Star of Saradomin
30 × Third Age iron.png Third Age iron
22 × Goldrune.png Goldrune
Amphora.png Amphora9211,666.7744Acropolis debris1 × Amphora (damaged).png Amphora (damaged)
34 × Everlight silvthril.png Everlight silvthril
46 × Keramos.png Keramos
Rod of Asclepius.png Rod of Asclepius9211,666.7744Acropolis debris1 × Rod of Asclepius (damaged).png Rod of Asclepius (damaged)
30 × White marble.png White marble
24 × Star of Saradomin.png Star of Saradomin
26 × Goldrune.png Goldrune
Kopis dagger.png Kopis dagger10018,666.7844Icyene weapon rack1 × Kopis dagger (damaged).png Kopis dagger (damaged)
50 × Everlight silvthril.png Everlight silvthril
42 × Leather scraps.png Leather scraps
Xiphos short sword.png Xiphos short sword10018,666.7844Icyene weapon rack1 × Xiphos short sword (damaged).png Xiphos short sword (damaged)
46 × Everlight silvthril.png Everlight silvthril
46 × Leather scraps.png Leather scraps
Totals (XP and chronotes):77,7784,548 + 4,548
Total materials:30 × White marble.png White marble
88 × Leather scraps.png Leather scraps
68 × Keramos.png Keramos
48 × Goldrune.png Goldrune
46 × Star of Saradomin.png Star of Saradomin
1 × Clockwork.png Clockwork
52 × Third Age iron.png Third Age iron
160 × Everlight silvthril.png Everlight silvthril

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