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Silverlight is a magical sword used during the Demon Slayer quest, and can be kept afterwards. This weapon cannot be made by players using the Smithing skill. If Silverlight is lost during or after the quest, it can be reclaimed from Gideon Bede in the church north of the Varrock Museum for free. It can be sold to the Wise Old Man for 80 coins.

Silverlight is dyed black during the course of the Shadow of the Storm quest to make Silverlight (dyed), and later becomes Darklight after killing the demon Agrith Naar. Silverlight (but not dyed Silverlight) can be mounted on the wall of a quest hall in a player-owned house.

Combat stats[edit | edit source]

Effects[edit | edit source]

Artwork from the God letters.

Silverlight is an extremely weak weapon when fighting non-demon monsters, with damage and accuracy equal to a Bronze longsword. However, when using the sword to fight most varieties of demon, it will gain a large accuracy increase (enough to accurately hit mid-level demons resistant to melee). It also increases ability damage by a scaling 25-124% (a 1.25×-2.24× multiplier), based on your base Attack and Strength, and the monster's base Defence; this applies to your total ability damage, including off-hand weapons, equipment, and boosts. With auto attacks, 100% is added regardless.

The increase is given by

  • is your Attack level, before temporary boosts
  • is your Strength level, before temporary boosts
  • is your target's Defence level

Additionally, Silverlight is used to remove the fire shield from a tormented demon, the only other way being holy water.

After Dimension of Disaster, Silverlight can be upgraded to cause more damage to demons, as well as be able to smash gargoyles if the quicker killing blows Slayer ability has been unlocked. The upgrade can be bought for five silver pennies in Aris's Dimension of Disaster reward shop. The upgraded darklight will:

  • Add 35% rather than 25% to base hit chance against demons
  • Add between 50% to 149% rather than between 25% to 124% extra damage against demons if using abilities. Upgrade scaling formula is 1.5 + ((Attack+Strength)/2-EnemyDefence*2)*0.01
  • Add 150% rather than 100% extra damage against demons if using auto-attacks

Monsters affected[edit | edit source]

The following creatures will take increased damage from Silverlight:

Silverlight does not affect the following:

Products[edit | edit source]

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History[edit | edit source]

The crypt where Silverlight is kept
Silverlight's Legacy

Silverlight appears to have been forged in the early Fifth Age, as according to Varrock Museum's display case for Silverlight, it is "a striking example of early 5th Age weapon-smithing". Despite its name indicating that the weapon contains silver, Varrock Museum's display describes Silverlight as a steel sword that has been enchanted to make it powerful against demons.[3] Delrith's dialogue in Dimension of Disaster suggests that the sword's name derives from its silver colour, rather than it being literally being made of silver.[4] However, Vampyre Juvinates can be harmed by Silverlight as if it were a silver weapon, making the sword's true composition a mystery.

According to Guthix in Issue 16 of the God letters, he endowed Silverlight with his power, and states to have offered the sword as assistance against Delrith.[5] Guthix goes to allude in Issue 19 that he imbued Silverlight with his power as an indirect intervention in order to prevent a being as powerful as Delrith from trying and forcing himself upon Gielinor.[6]

In year 19 of Fifth Age, a legendary hero named Wally used Silverlight to battle Delrith, and banishes him back to Infernus.[7][8]

According to 'The Tales of Wally', a book written by Wally's son Waldo, Silverlight originally belonged to an unknown warrior, who was killed by a moss giant in the site of modern Varrock Sewers while attempting to flee through the hole in the wall Wally had mined. When the warrior had thrown his sword through the hole and begun to widen it before he was crushed to death by the giant's club, Wally had grabbed Silverlight, and afraid of the moss giants, run back home in fear of his life with the sword in his hand. When Waldo recounts Wally's fight with Delrith, he notes that the sword shimmered in his father's hand, and that Wally dodged Delrith's attacks "as if the sword was directing his movement with a grace that never returned". However, as 'The Tales of Wally' is criticized by Reldo of being "full of exaggerations and embellishments", "unreliable", and "often wrong", the validity of the information Waldo presents about Silverlight's past cannot be confirmed.[9]

At some point after Wally's defeat of Delrith, Silverlight was placed in a crypt below the church in the North-east of Varrock, guarded by the spirits of those who had wielded Silverlight: the Spirit of the Body, the Spirit of Faith, and Spirit of the Mind.[10] Each guardian's trial is meant to demonstrate a quality the sword's user needs to have in order to be trusted with the sword: to have the strength to properly wield Silverlight and prevent it from being seized with strength,[11] to have the faith in the power of the gods to guide the sword's wielder as the sword would be powerless without faith,[12] and to be focused on one's task and understanding what lies ahead.[13]

Silverlight eventually grew famous enough to be featured in songs. By the summer of 165, songs were performed throughout Misthalin, from Lumbridge to the Wilderness border.[14]

Both Gideon Bede and Wally's descendant Sir Ehntor Prysin tried to obtain the sword, but were judged unworthy to use the sword by the three spirits.[15][16] Gideon attributes his failure to obtain the sword to being a mere academic, while the dialogue of the Spirit of the Mind in Dimension of Disaster suggests that Sir Prysin was denied access to his ancestor's sword due to the spirits deeming him a "vainglorious buffoon".[17]

When Lucien succeeding in summoning tormented demons for the first time, Movario, greatly fearful of their unnatural power, intended to seek out Silverlight in the event Lucien would set them on him, having come to the conclusion that as tormented demons seem to possess some sort of magical defence, regular weapons would only be marginally useful against them.[18] Silverlight is also referred to in the Binding book as "legendary", suggesting that the sword was famous when the book was written.[19]

Graphical updates[edit | edit source]

Inventory[edit | edit source]

Detailed[edit | edit source]

Equipped[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

This information has been compiled as part of the update history project. Some updates may not be included - see here for how to help out!
  • patch 28 April 2009 (Update):
    • Sir Prysin's chat is now clearer if you've lost Silverlight and shouldn't talk about Darklight instead, which was even more confusing when you were on a free world.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Silverlight can be traded on RuneScape Classic.
  • Silverlight can be easily re-obtained from Gideon Bede, even after completing Shadow of the Storm, or from May's Quest Caravan after putting 150 quest points towards the Hub Track.
  • In RuneScape Classic, Silverlight was sold in the Legends' Guild. This was the only way to re-obtain it at that time, and due to complaints about this, Silverlight was removed from the Legends' Guild and it was obtained from Sir Prysin but since Demon Slayer was updated it can now be retrieved from Gideon Bede.
  • In RuneScape Classic, Silverlight will weaken a demon if it is used on the first hit.
  • Silverlight was graphically updated on 15 December 2009. Black Silverlight and its upgraded counterpart Darklight was updated along with the release of the 2009 Christmas event.
  • The Silverlight copy in Varrock museum did not change in the graphic update, it still had the look of the old Silverlight. This has been fixed.
  • Originally you could own more than 1 Silverlight at a time, by doing the drop trick from Sir Prysin in exchange for 500 coins at a time, However this was changed when the Demon Slayer quest was updated and Players could retrieve Silverlight from Gideon Bede. It is now impossible to do the drop trick since Silverlight now has a "Destroy" option instead of a "Drop" option.
  • Due to the Demon Slayer rework, it is now possible for players who completed the original version to have two Silverlights.
  • If you have two Silverlights in your inventory and use black mushroom ink on one, then both Silverlights will disappear, but only one Darklight will be produced.

References[edit | edit source]

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