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Silverhawk down is the untradeable version of Silverhawk feathers used to charge Silverhawk boots. One down will give the boots one charge, giving experience equal to 10% of a small prismatic lamp rounded down. The boots can have a maximum of 1000 charges at any time.

It can be obtained through different ways:


Templates used

The following calculator tells you how many Silverhawk feathers you need to get to a level from a given amount of experience. It can also factor in bonus experience.

 template  = Calculator:Silverhawks
 form      = CalcForm
 result    = CalcResult
 param     = name|Username||hs|xp,17,2
 param     = xp|Current level or experience|1|int|
 param     = level|Target level|2|int|
 param     = bonusxp|Bonus xp|0|int|
 param     = dxp|Double XP Weekend|false|check|1,0
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Drop sources

For an exhaustive list of all known sources for this item, see here (include RDT).
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Store locations

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Travelling Merchant's Shop

This table shows the next 5 dates(wrong?) on which silverhawk down is available in the Travelling Merchant's Shop, where it can be purchased for 1,500,000 coins.

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  • Down is a type of feather found under the tougher exterior feathers.