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Silver necklace detail.png
Anna's room

The silver necklace is a quest item used in the Murder Mystery quest. It is obtained from a barrel in Anna's bedroom in the Sinclair Mansion. It has Anna's fingerprints on it and is used to determine if Anna is the murderer or not. When used on the flour barrel it becomes the silver necklace (dusted), and flypaper can be subsequently used on it to create Anna's print, which can be compared with the Unknown print to see if Anna is the killer.

This item cannot be made by the player.

Players cannot obtain it after they complete the quest. However, players can "smuggle" the necklace to keep it, as long as they have not yet completed the quest. This can be done by dropping the necklace outside of the gate of the manor, completing the quest, then simply running back outside the gate to pick it up. If the player does not drop the necklace before completing the quest, the guard will take it from them (regardless of whether it is floured, wielded, or banked, and regardless of how many the player has).

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This necklace appears to be a brass necklace with silver plating. Players can see the sides of the necklace are the same colouring as a brass necklace and the gem is the same colour as well for both necklaces. The examine text seems to support this. This makes the silver necklace appear to have a brass 'trim'.
    • The necklace only takes this appearance when playing with a male avatar. Otherwise, the necklace is completely silver for female avatars.