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Silk can be bought from various silk traders around RuneScape. Some of these are located in eastern Keldagrim, the Ardougne Market (can only be sold, not bought) and in Al Kharid (3 coins, or 2 if the player refuses the first price). Silk cannot be made by a player in the game.

If it is used with Karamjan rum it becomes a cleaning cloth, used to wipe the colour off an abyssal whip or dark bow if one has used the colouring feature in Barbarian Assault. They can also be sold to the Silk Merchant in East Ardougne for as much as 60 coins a piece. To get the best price, offer to sell to the merchant for 120 coins, he will counter with 50 coins, opening up the option to finish with 60 coins. Doing so accomplishes an Ardougne Easy Task.

The silk from this stall can also be stolen from with level 20 Thieving, granting 24 experience.

In RuneScape Classic, influence could be used to sell silk to the Silk Trader for more coins than usual.

Silk is used in the quest Dragon Slayer to open the magic door in the Dwarven mines. 10 pieces of silk are required for making the balloon during the Enlightened Journey quest, 8 pieces are used to make extra clockwork suits during the Hunt for Red Raktuber quest, and 2 pieces are needed to fix the damaged mourner trousers during Mourning's End Part I.

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