Sigli the Huntsman

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Sigli the Huntsman is a Fremennik hunter in Rellekka. He claims it is his skill at hunting that has earnt him a place on the council of elders.[1] His bow was made by Skulgrimen, the local smith.[2] He knows the best hunting grounds, which he kept to himself for many years.[3] He gave up his tracking map in exchange for a custom bowstring, allowing him to gain an edge over the competition and rid himself of his dependency on the map.[4][5]

Like all Fremennik hunters, he tracks down the Draugen, a mythological creature that steals the souls of the dead, and defeats it in combat, storing some of its stolen life force in a special talisman.[6] He is willing to vouch for outlanders who prove themselves proficient in this task, giving them one of the seven votes they need to be considered Fremennik.

Sigli is the father of Irwinsson, who is a huntsman on Anachronia. Sigli's parenting involved little praise, which led Irwinsson to believe that Sigli didn't care for him. This caused their relationship to sour to the point where Irwinsson left, and Sigli believed his son had died at sea trying. When the adventurer encountered Irwinsson, he claimed to be Sigli's son, and brought the news to Sigli himself. Sigli was surprised that his son was still alive and he had them deliver a specially crafted greatbow to his son. Despite the apparent animosity, Irwinsson considered Sigli to be his idol and Sigli only wanted what was best for Irwinsson. Delivering the greatbow completes the Father and Son achievement.

Sigli is one of the Fremennik capable of crafting armour out of dagannoth hide. After completing The Fremennik Trials, he can make ranged-based spined armour if provided with standard dagannoth hides, special hides only dropped by the ranged variant of dagannoths and coin.

Armour Special hide Hide(s) Coins
Spined helm 1 circular hide 1 dagannoth hide 5,000
Spined body 1 flattened hide 3 dagannoth hides 10,000
Spined chaps 1 stretched hide 2 dagannoth hides 7,500

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • His name is a play on the word "sigil", which can sometimes mean an item used to track things - including mythical beasts (e.g. the Draugen).

References[edit | edit source]

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