Sift Soil

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Sift Soil is a Lunar spell available at level 91 Magic, awarding 93 Magic experience and between 1 and 20 Archaeology experience depending on the player's Archaeology level. When cast, it will screen any soil in the inventory, including soil in the archaeological soil box, at a much faster rate than using the screening station (2 ticks per soil instead of 3). Up to 100 soil can be screened without needing to recast the spell, but each soil screened will consume runes.

The spell is otherwise the same as using the screening station: success rate is determined by Archaeology level, the action is sped up while wearing the master archaeologist's outfit (down to 1 tick per soil), and signs of the porter can be used to automatically bank materials.

Having a Waterfiend (familiar) summoned during this will allow the familiar to produce materials and add to profits.

The speed of screening soil is:

Boosts Seconds per Soil Hourly amount
Base 1.8 1,630
Master archeologist's outfit 1.2 2,470
Sift Soil 1.2 2,840
Master archeologist's outfit + Sift Soil 0.6 5,680

Cost[edit | edit source]

1Astral rune.png5Earth rune.png10Water rune.png696
Combo runes
1Astral rune.png10Water rune.png5Dust rune.png5,966
1Astral rune.png10Mud rune.png7,636
1Astral rune.png10Water rune.png5Lava rune.png4,811
1Astral rune.png5Earth rune.png10Steam rune.png9,406
1Astral rune.png5Earth rune.png10Mist rune.png10,416
1Astral rune.png5Earth rune.pngStaff of water.png496
1Astral rune.pngMud battlestaff.png406
1Astral rune.png10Water rune.pngStaff of earth.png606
1Astral rune.png5Earth rune.pngSteam battlestaff.png496
1Astral rune.pngElemental battlestaff.png406
1Astral rune.pngMystical staff (75).png406
1Astral rune.png10Water rune.pngLava battlestaff.png606
1Astral rune.png5Earth rune.pngAvernic wand.pngTome of frost.png496

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 26 October 2020 (Update):
    • Artefacts from 'Desperate Measures' will no longer appear when screening soil.
  • ninja 21 September 2020 (Update):
    • Added to game.
      • The Following new spell has been added to the Lunar Spellbook: Sift Soil: Screens all of the targeted type of archaeological soil from the backpack and Soil Box (no Screening Station required).