Siege of Varrock

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This article's name is not canonical.
While the name or title of this topic is not officially recognised by Jagex, the information contained on this page is still considered to be canon and is based on official sources.

The Siege of Varrock is an unofficial name given to a military invasion led by the Mahjarrat Lucien in the Fifth Age. The battle saw the relatively brief siege of Varrock, the Misthalanian capital. The Varrockian military managed to repel the invasion at little cost, primarily through the use of magic made possible by the nation's then-dwindling rune supply.

Lucien's motivation in waging the attack was to obtain the legendary Shield of Arrav, a legendary artefact which his cousin Zemouregal had attempted to claim in roughly 730 of the Fourth Age during his Invasion of Avarrocka). However, what benefit Lucien would gain by destroying Varrock remains unclear. He has since proven himself extremely adept at military planning, leaving his quick defeat also something of a mystery.

The siege was waged in much the same way the Invasion of Varrock had been led more than 1,000 years before. Lucien led several thousand undead harvested throughout the Wilderness into the region, although unlike Zemouregal he also was aided by a handful of human necromancers for support. Amongst these was Solus Dellagar, who, despite playing only a small role in the siege, would go on to become one of the world's most powerful battle mages. However, unlike during the early days of Avarrocka, Fifth Age Varrock was extremely well prepared for invasion. The city's defensive fortifications, far improved from their near non-existence in the Fourth, kept the majority of the undead from entering the city. The city's mages were also a deciding factor; using magic, they were able to wipe out huge numbers of undead with relative ease.

The siege was fended off quickly, and Varrock suffered little permanent damage and few casualties. Lucien managed to escape, and no efforts to capture him met any success. Lucien apparently avoided actually entering the battle, meaning that his name and appearance were never even made common knowledge. Despite the siege's strategic failure, another similar attack would be launched by Zemouregal in 169 with similar results. While Lucien failed to claim the shield, he then formed a plan to find the world's Elder Artefacts, which held more power even than the shield.

In the Tales of Nomad miniquest, it is revealed Nomad took part in the siege as well against Lucien. He stood away from the rest of the Varrock defenders and used his magics to destroy much of Lucien's army in an effort to get Lucien's attention.

Today, the siege is considered one of Varrock's less prominent battles. A small display dedicated to the battle exists in the Varrock Museum's second floor, although it does not make reference to Lucien by name. The Temple Knights evidently have investigated it to some extent, although any information they might have found is largely classified. In 169, Lucien returned to the city, although this time in secret. He occupied a small home in the woods northwest of the city for some time before leaving or being forced out after his attempt to obtain the Staff of Armadyl.