Sheepdog (NPC)

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The Sheepdog is a border collie dog who can be found resting in front of a fireplace in the farm house just north of Port Sarim and south of Falador.

It is a farmer and "Sheep liaison officer", and is therefore responsible for herding sheep around the farm. It presumably belongs to Sarah, since it lives on her farm.

Interaction[edit | edit source]

Feeding the Sheepdog.

Players may give the Sheepdog bones or various meats by using them on the dog. It will not, however, accept any type of vegetable or inedible items (burnt meat, logs, etc.).

When players attempt to feed the dog, one of three messages will appear in the chatbox:

  • "You give the dog some nice bones. It happily gnaws on them." (When fed bones)
  • "You give the dog a nice piece of meat. It gobbles it up." (When fed meat)
  • "The dog doesn't seem interested in that". (When given anything inedible)

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