Shattered Worlds

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This is a safe minigame.
If you die, you will not lose any of your items.
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Shattered Worlds may contain effects that can be hazardous to people with epilepsy or other vision problems.
Condition(s): Certain mutators and monsters
Make sure to change your display settings if you suffer from these conditions.

Shattered Worlds is a combat-oriented members-only minigame in which players fight through mobs of various monsters while progressing through worlds of increasing difficulty in the Abyss. It is a solo minigame with safe death hosted by the Abyssal Knights in the south-west of the Lumbridge Swamp, who aim to protect Gielinor from potential invasions from the Abyss. Playing Shattered Worlds earns shattered anima, reward currency that can be used at the Shattered Worlds Reward Shop. A minimum combat level of 40 is recommended to participate.

Before taking part, players must speak to Kenton Decarte for a brief explanation of the minigame as well as the purpose of the Abyssal Knights. An Abyssal Knight nearby provides easy bank access, and the Abyssal Knight Quartermaster provides access to the reward shop.

Augmented and degradable gear and weapons will continue to gain item experience and degrade normally while playing Shattered Worlds.

Travel[edit | edit source]

The entrance to Shattered Worlds is found in Lumbridge Swamp, south of the water altar. It can be accessed by:

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The Abyssal Knights' headquarters

Overview[edit | edit source]

The objective of the minigame is to aid the Abyssal Knights by moving from world to world through the Abyss, fighting mobs of monsters in order to keep Gielinor safe. Upon arriving at a new world, the Abyssal Knights assign a main objective that needs to be completed before moving on to the next world. Players may encounter various side objectives along the way as well. Mutators influence combat by applying various effects, some of which can be dangerous. Worlds are fought in sets of 5, with breaks in between sets. Players earn shattered anima for defeating monsters and accomplishing objectives and weekly challenges, which can be spent at the Shattered Worlds Reward Shop.

Starting the game[edit | edit source]

To begin, enter the blue portal at the Abyssal Knight's headquarters. Before starting the first set of 5 worlds, a match setup dialogue allows for customisation of player equipment, food, and world difficulty level. Players may opt to take their current setup into the minigame, select a bank preset loadout and inventory, or override their current loadout by selecting the "equip me" option and receiving a set of scaled hybrid armour (excluding hands and feet slots) and weapons for all three combat styles. The abyssal wand variants provide infinite air runes, and ranged weapons generate their own ammunition. The "feed me" option will fill any open inventory slots with food scaled to the player's combat level. After confirming the match setup, players then select one of three positive mutators to begin the match.

The red portal provides access to the Shattered Worlds weekly challenge interface.

Equip me[edit | edit source]

When selecting the "equip me" option, the player will receive a set of the following tiered equipment:

Tier 1[edit | edit source]

Players with a level between 1 and 9 in the noted skill will receive the following:

Tier 10[edit | edit source]

Players with a level between 10 and 19 in the noted skill will receive the following:

Tier 20[edit | edit source]

Players with a level between 20 and 29 in the noted skill will receive the following:

Tier 30[edit | edit source]

Players with a level between 30 and 39 in the noted skill will receive the following:

Tier 40[edit | edit source]

Players with a level between 40 and 49 in the noted skill will receive the following:

Tier 50[edit | edit source]

Players with a level between 50 and 59 in the noted skill will receive the following:

Tier 60[edit | edit source]

Players with level 60 or higher in the noted skill will receive the following:

Feed me[edit | edit source]

When opting for the "feed me" option, any empty slot in the player's inventory will be filled with the following scaled food:

The Shattered Worlds[edit | edit source]

Shortly after arriving at a new world, the Abyssal Knights will assign a main objective that needs to be completed prior to moving to the next world. Players need to defeat a variety of monsters to make progress towards the main objective. The monsters have no weakness to any particular combat style and their combat levels depend upon the world being attempted, with higher worlds giving rise to monsters with higher combat level. Difficulty also increases as different mutators are applied, some of which may be dangerous. The monsters use a variety of combat styles, though each will only use one, and are abyssal versions of monsters found on RuneScape itself. Monster kills count towards Slayer tasks, except for monsters spawned as part of side objectives. Shattered anima received after killing monsters and completing side objectives is automatically collected in the currency pouch.

After completing the main objective, the next world can be attempted by entering the red portal. Before leaving the current world, a new mutator may need to be selected. Combat does not stop during the selection process. Moving behind the red portal before entering blocks the pursuit of any remaining enemies, allowing for the next mutator to be chosen safely.

The minigame can be left at any time by entering the blue portal or teleporting, but this will terminate the minigame and any progress will not be saved.

World types[edit | edit source]

Although maps are randomly generated and can't be selected, this is the list of the easiest to hardest maps: Grass Plains > Snow Plains > Mazcab > Arc > Freneskae > Darkmeyer > Tarddiad. The wide open grass plains and fences (which can be ranged over and used to trap enemies) make the Grass Plains map the easiest. The extremely dense trees and other obstacles (which can't be ranged over) in the Tarddiad map makes it the hardest.

Skipping worlds[edit | edit source]

It is possible to skip worlds. World skips may only happen within a set of 5 worlds (e.g. W1-5, W26-30, W81-85, etc.) but the first and last world of each set is never skipped (e.g. If after playing W1, W2+W3 are skipped then no matter how fast W4 is completed W5 will have to be played afterwards). If within a set of 5 worlds:

  • the first, second, or third world is completed within 3 minutes, the next world will be skipped,
  • the first or second world is completed within 2 minutes, the next 2 worlds will be skipped,
  • the first world is completed within 1 minute, the next 3 worlds will be skipped.

Checkpoints[edit | edit source]

Checkpoints (progress save points) occur every 5 worlds. After clearing a set of 5 worlds, players arrive at a checkpoint world before continuing to the next set. Checkpoints fully restore life and prayer points and cure any poison upon arrival. They also have bank chests to allow restocking and a reward chest which contains bonus shattered anima based on the level of the previously completed world levels. Rewards do not compound, so there is no additional bonus to be gained by leaving the reward chest untouched. Entering the red portal starts a new match similar to entering the blue portal from the Abyssal Knight's headquarters, showing the match setup dialogue and choice of one of three positive mutators.

Once a checkpoint is reached, progress and bonus anima is saved. Leaving the minigame can be done either by logging out, going through the blue portal, or teleporting. The next time Shattered Worlds is attempted, unclaimed bonus anima must be claimed. The player is teleported to the checkpoint world and must claim the anima from the reward chest before being allowed to enter the red portal to continue.

The maximum possible number of worlds is 4,000; the developers expected, however, that around 150 worlds would be a difficult number for players to reach. After reaching 200 worlds, no extra rewards for completing additional worlds will be received.

Main objective[edit | edit source]

The main objective bar being filled by killing enemies

Upon arriving at a new world, a main objective is generated which must be completed before proceeding to the next world.

Objective text Details
Bring this world under control. Kill x% of enemies. x% of the enemies on the current world must be killed to proceed.
Go H.A.M. and deal x lifepoints of damage. x amount of damage must be dealt to enemies on the current world to proceed.
Kill enough enemies to summon a boss, then kill it. The progress bar must be filled by killing enemies in order to summon a boss to defeat. The boss will be summoned in a random location on the current world. Bosses typically have around 4x the health of the current world's enemies.
Your exit portal is broken. Repair it so you can escape! Enemies must be killed to find 3 repair kits which are used to repair the red portal. Repair kits stack, and are automatically collected. If there is not enough room in the inventory, the repair kit drops to the ground.

Side objectives[edit | edit source]

While navigating through worlds, any of the following side objectives may be encountered. They can be completed for extra shattered anima.

Chest[edit | edit source]

The locked chest

A chest which can be activated. When activated, a timer will start and monsters will spawn. When the timer expires, anima is awarded based on how many creatures were killed. Any remaining creatures disappear at the expiration of the timer. Creatures summoned by the chest count towards completion of the main objective on the shattered world and can drop repair kits if the main objective is to repair the exit portal.

Fountain[edit | edit source]

The fountain and ghosts

A fountain that can be activated, surrounded by eight ghosts. When activated, a timer will start and the ghosts become attackable. When the timer expires, anima is awarded based on how many ghosts were killed. Unlike the Chest, ghosts remain after the timer expires and continue to attack the player. Ghosts count towards completion of the main objective on the shattered world and can drop repair kits if the main objective is to repair the exit portal.

These ghosts do not count towards a Slayer assignment.

Goebies[edit | edit source]

Sometimes a Goebie will spawn which, when slain, gives a chunk of shattered anima. The amount of anima from a Goebie kill caps at ~1.2 million.

Sacrificial Altars[edit | edit source]

A set of three altars and a shield protecting an ancient relic will be found at two different locations on the same world. Destroying the shield, picking up the relic, and sacrificing the relic on one of the three altars provides one of the following bonuses:

  • The Altar of Boosted Anima: Rewards the player with increased shattered anima gain from slain enemies for 30 seconds.
  • The Altar of Restoration: Replaces the anima gained from slain enemies with increased health regeneration for 30 seconds.
  • The Altar of Instant Anima: Rewards the player with a sum of shattered anima - the amount depending on the current world.

An unused ancient relic disappears after ending the current world.

Mutators[edit | edit source]

At the beginning of a match, and periodically when progressing to the next world, the player must choose a mutator from the following set that will remain until completing the match or leaving the minigame.

Image Name Type Description
Blood Money mutator.png Blood Money Positive Enemies bleed anima currency when damaged. The amount is quite small despite the impressive animation - choose other positive mutators instead.
Catastrophe mutator.png Catastrophe Negative Evil Bob is hunting you down to feast on your summoning points, your prayer points and then your run energy! Leg it! He spawns at the blue portal and cannot be trapped. Guaranteed death on worlds 250+.
Charged mutator.png Charged Positive Collect electric orbs to deal large amounts of AoE damage to enemies within 5 squares distance. The player does not have to be in combat with the enemies, and the enemies will not become aggressive if only hit by the electric orbs. Damage dealt is increased with more charges. The effect lasts 30 seconds, and the damage boost is capped at 10 stacks. Getting a stack will refresh the 30 seconds timer.
Combustion mutator.png Combustion Negative Some enemies will spawn patches of fire around them. Fires are 1x1 square and last several minutes. Fires can spawn on the square where the player is standing. Enemies walking backwards can lure the player into the fire(s) resulting in massive damage. Running or surging through the fire does not work. Guaranteed death on worlds 450+.
Die Together mutator.png Die Together Negative Some enemies are now linked by the power of friendship. They both must be below 10% life points before they can die. Poison damage and damage from Explosive/Electric/Charged mutators is not able to skip the mechanic. Can be difficult to deal with if both a mage and a ranger are linked.
Electric mutator.png Electric Positive Successfully hitting an enemy has a chance to trigger an electric surge, dealing damage and jumping to 2 enemies within 6 squares distance.
Explosive mutator.png Explosive Neutral Enemies explode on death, dealing damage to everything around them. The explosion is 7x7 AoE and can easily be fatal. For larger sized mobs (2x2 squares or bigger), the explosion is 10x10 AoE. Each explosion deals 10% of an enemy's max HP within the explosion radius.
Feeling Pumped mutator.png Feeling Pumped Positive You have a small chance on successful hits to feel EPIC, gaining unlimited adrenaline for the next 10 seconds. Bleed abilities and using weapon poison++ has a much higher chance to activate it. The effect can reset its duration while it is active.
Freezing mutator.png Freezing Negative Some enemies will spawn moving freezing balls around them, get caught in the landing area of 7x7 AoE and you'll get frozen! Players will be stunned for several seconds. Guaranteed death on worlds 200+.
Honourable mutator.png Honourable Neutral You deal more damage to adjacent enemies and take more damage from enemies at range.
Hungry mutator.png Hungry Negative Food heals for half the normal amount. Unicorn Stallion's healing, Enhanced Excalibur's special, and Regenerate is not affected.
Hydra mutator.png Hydra Neutral Killing some enemies will cause them to erupt into numerous smaller versions of themselves! These mini-enemies will follow you around the entire map to kill you and each one are just as strong as their original. Mini-enemy kills count towards the objective since the 14 April 2020 update to Shattered Worlds. Guaranteed death on worlds 200+.
Laser Lodestones mutator.png Laser Lodestones Neutral Unstable crystal shards appear around the world. Touch them to create barriers between them that will harm you and the enemy. When activated, the lasers exist for a few minutes before completely disappearing. The lasers do very little damage to mobs who get hit, but massive damage to players hit by the laser. More beneficial than some positive mutators. They can be used to trap enemies and safe-spot from a distance.
Leeching mutator.png Leeching Negative Your opponents will heal a small amount of life each time they damage you. Decent option to choose if no positive mutators are given. The amount healed is roughly equal to 10% of damage dealt.
Power Grows mutator.png Power Grows Positive Killing an enemy has a chance to buff some of your stats! This will occasionally add +1 to a combat stat, which falls back down naturally over time. This stat bonus is added on top of all current bonuses.
Protect mutator.png Protect Negative One of the mobs will randomly be chosen in each group of mobs as a protector - none of the other mobs can be damaged until this chosen mob is killed. While this is simple if all mobs in the group use melee, it becomes extremely difficult in endgame when there are multiple mages and rangers that are effectively invulnerable guarding the protector. Guaranteed death on worlds 500+.
Rockfall mutator.png Rockfall Negative Some enemies will spawn rockfalls around them, don't get crushed! The rocks are 5x5 AoE and there will be shadows over the area 2.4 seconds before it falls. Being at the centre of the AoE will result in more damage. Guaranteed death on worlds 150+.
Static mutator.png Static Negative The longer you stand still, the more damage you'll take! Simples! Caps at 20 stacks, resulting in +200% damage taken (triple damage from enemies).
Unstable Rifts mutator.png Unstable Rifts Neutral Rifts appear around the world which will teleport you to other rifts. Random teleports happen without warning if close to the shard or the shard spawns close to the player. Guaranteed death on worlds 200+.
Vampyric mutator.png Vampyric Positive You will heal a small amount of life each time you damage an enemy. Has a cap of 50 life points per hit. Stacks with Vampyrism aura for a total cap of 100.
Volcanic mutator.png Volcanic Negative Some enemies will spawn volcanic eruptions around them. These meteors do damage in a 5x5 AoE and there will be green markers indicating the hit area 2.4 seconds before it falls. Being at the centre of the AoE will result in more damage. Guaranteed death on worlds 350+.
Zombie Apocalypse mutator.png Zombie Apocalypse Negative Defeating an enemy can summon a terrifying undead brood. Several undead chicken spawn and a short while later explode in a 3x3 AoE. Easy to avoid if ranging from a distance and moving away as needed. Decent option to choose if no positive mutators are given.
Zone of Restoration mutator.png Zone of Restoration Positive Conjures zones of restoration. They will restore your summoning points, then your prayer points, and then your life points. Staying in the centre will heal faster.
Zone of Suffering mutator.png Zone of Suffering Negative Conjures zones of suffering. They will deplete your summoning points, then your prayer points and then your life points. Staying in the centre will deplete faster.

Enemies currently affected by one or more negative mutators capable of spawning environmental effects which can harm you will be presented with one of the following symbols over their head, depending upon the number of mutators:

# Symbol
1 Single mutator skull.png
2 Multiple mutator skull.png
3+ Red mutator skull.png

Strategies[edit | edit source]

Choosing mutators[edit | edit source]

Prioritise selecting mutators in this order:

Feeling Pumped mutator.png Feeling Pumped > Explosive mutator.png Explosive > Electric mutator.png Electric > Zone of Restoration mutator.png Zone of Restoration > Charged mutator.png Charged > Vampyric mutator.png Vampyric > Power Grows mutator.png Power Grows > Laser Lodestones mutator.png Laser Lodestones > Blood Money mutator.png Blood Money.

If given only neutral or negative mutators, select them in this order:

Hungry mutator.png Hungry > Leeching mutator.png Leeching > Static mutator.png Static > Honourable mutator.png Honourable > Zone of Suffering mutator.png Zone of Suffering > Zombie Apocalypse mutator.png Zombie Apocalypse > Combustion mutator.png Combustion > Die Together mutator.png Die Together > Volcanic mutator.png Volcanic / Rockfall mutator.png Rockfall.

Never select these mutators, as they hinder your progress the most:

Catastrophe mutator.png Catastrophe[b 1], Unstable Rifts mutator.png Unstable Rifts, Hydra mutator.png Hydra, Freezing mutator.png Freezing, Protect mutator.png Protect.

Low worlds (W1–100)[edit | edit source]

Aim to clear each world as fast as possible in order to skip worlds. The chicken from "feed me" is usually sufficient. Any combat style is suitable, but melee AoE abilities such as Meteor Strike, Hurricane, Quake, and Cleave are preferred for lower worlds. A Saradomin godsword can be utilised well while clearing these floors as it can restore both life points and prayer points with its special attack, which when paired with the Feeling Pumped mutator can be used almost exclusively back-to-back. Negative mutators at this point don't do much damage to you; however, keep in mind that using Berserk will increase the damage from negative mutators by 50%.

Medium worlds (W101–150)[edit | edit source]

It is inadvisable to use melee from this point onward, as mutators such as Explosive will become too harmful. Both Ranged and Magic can be used, but mechanised chinchompas with ranged should be preferred until the accuracy becomes untenable at which point both ranged and magic are of similar strength.

A good method of clearing worlds with the Feeling Pumped mutator active is to use an Essence of Finality amulet with a Dark bow special attack stored alongside mechanised chinchompas. By spamming the stored Essence of Finality during the mutator's effect while wielding chinchompas, incredible damage can be obtained against many mobs at once.

Without that, use of a Decimation and its special attack, Locate, is recommended. With the Feeling Pumped mutator, it is advised to use the special attack, then use Death's Swiftness, thresholds, and Incendiary Shot on a group of enemies whenever possible. Mechanised chinchompas under Death's Swiftness are also very good for clearing mobs during these worlds.

It is also recommended to unlock the Corruption Shot from the Mazcab ability codex (49,495,360 coins) for additional AoE damage.

High worlds (W151–200)[edit | edit source]

Using high-tiered weapons with 9 attack range such as Decimation, noxious longbow, Seren godbow, or Eldritch crossbow to snipe from a distance is highly recommended. If using crossbows, diamond bakriminel bolts (e) are recommended for their hit chance passive. Pay careful attention to the surroundings and the terrain of the environment to look for safe-spots - edges or obstacles often help. Use abilities such as Greater Dazing Shot, Corruption Shot, Fragmentation Shot, Ricochet, Rapid Fire, Bombardment, Incendiary Shot, and Unload - bleeds and AoEs are very helpful for applying poison and give more procs of the Feeling Pumped mutator. Keeping enemies bound will prevent them from walking out of range. Use Death's Swiftness whenever you are under the effect of Feeling Pumped; make sure to activate it in an area where you are just out of the enemy's attacking distance.

If maging, use magic tank armour, such as Primeval, Seasinger's, or Cryptbloom armour, with the Animate Dead spell to help reduce a very large amount of damage. This allows players to tank a lot of damage for a good amount of time without having to use defensive abilities. At this stage low accuracy is a big issue, so bringing a defender variant is very useful for the 3% increase in accuracy, additional Animate Dead power (for magic defenders), and ability to use defensive abilities, such as immortality and reflect. Using Ingenuity of the Humans with Corruption Blast is good for dealing damage to large mobs. Another option while wearing an Igneous Kal-Mej or Kal-Zuk is to use Ingenuity of the Humans with Greater Chain followed by Omnipower. Prioritise using ultimate damage abilities, such as Omnipower and Tsunami, due to the increased hit chance.

It is highly recommended to bring Ingenuity of the Humans and use Incendiary Shot on a group of mobs whenever they are avaliable. The Decimation/Mechanised chinchompa methods may still be used; however, due to increased incoming damage and defences, these will be less effective here.

The most optimal gear setup is to bring cinderbane gloves (with weapon poison+++) and 4 Achto armour pieces, as well as equipment that increases hit chance (e.g. the Reckless or supreme sharpshooter auras). Take advantage of the Achto cooldown resets to use Revenge, Reflect, Devotion, Barricade, and Immortality to deal as much damage as you can while invulnerable, without risk of dying. The majority of the player's damage in these worlds will come from deflect and weapon poison damage, as the monsters' defences scale up incredibly high.

It is recommended to bring a high amount of prayer restoration, such as super restores, super prayers, elder overload salves, blessed flask, and an ancient elven ritual shard, as trips start becoming lengthy at this point. An enhanced Excalibur and a unicorn stallion with scrolls are great for extended sustain. Rune pouches containing the Lunar Spells Disruption Shield and Vengeance will also be helpful when under attack. Defensive items such as the superior leviathan ring and an amulet of souls will help to increase survival. Tank armour will provide extra life points and PvM damage reduction; if skilled at kiting mobs, power armour will still suffice.

Additionally, players seeking to push their worlds higher should pay attention to their recent clear times; as you approach W200, it may take up to 90 minutes to complete a set of 5 worlds. Progress is not saved upon log-out; you must complete a set of 5 worlds in one go.

It is possible to bring an Oldak Coil and use that to damage and kill enemies while the player is standing a safe distance away. Usage of Barricade (in conjunction with Feeling Pumped if possible) is very useful in running into a group of enemies and placing the Oldak Coil. To be safe, it is recommended to bring at least 5,000 cannonballs when using this method as the accuracy of the Oldak Coil is tied to the accuracy of the player. Given the high defences of the enemies on these worlds, it can take some time and many cannnonballs to clear out a cluster of enemies. Should the player die with an Oldak Coil active, they will have to go and retrieve it from Nulodion. It is also recommended to purchase an Oldak Coil upgrade kit for a further increase to damage dealt. Players should note that using an Oldak Coil in this fashion will always keep them in combat, thus degrading armour and draining charges from the Charge Pack.

The use of poison bombs in combination with Cinderbane gloves and Weapon Poison+++ allows for a fairly AFK method of clearing out clusters of enemies. Place Poison Bombs onto an action bar on the 'Target' setting. Most bombs should be thrown at an enemy target as opposed to a selected tile, although there will be instances where is is better to throw at a selected tile (e.g. when throwing a bomb at maximum distance to cover an area that enemies will walk into). It is not necessary to throw bombs at all enemies in a cluster; throwing two or three and then running away as the enemies aggro the player can be enough to poison them all. Poison damage is tied to the player's damage, so make sure to have a good weapon equipped. For worlds approaching W200, one round of poisoning (from initial poisoning to the poison wearing off) usually removes at least 50% of an enemy's HP, but is usually not enough to finish them off. The use of the Lunar Spell Dream can be used in a safe area (the area behind a portal is always safe) to recover lifepoints to their maximum while AFKing. For worlds approaching W200, this method can take around 3 hours to complete, so players should plan accordingly.

Additional tips with the usage of this poison bomb method:

  • Players may speed up the killing by using Ingenuity of the humans along with Corruption Shot/Blast to deal damage.
  • Players can also use threshold defensive abilities like Devotion and Reflect when a target is not selected to reduce incoming damage without consuming adrenaline.
  • The Constitution skillcape perk is helpful in life point recovery. If the spell Dream is not available, then simply resting will also recover life points, albeit at a slower rate.
  • It is better to save Excalibur (and emergency food) and instead rely on using Dream in a safe spot to recover life points.
  • If players think they are in any danger of dying, then should use emergency food than attempt to conserve it. The Sign of Life effect does not proc in Shattered Worlds, so a death can potentially result in hours of lost progress.
  • When running into a cluster of enemies, it is a good idea to have the Fortitude curse active with a Deflect curse. If these curses are only used when running into and retreating from a cluster of enemies, then the ritual shard is usually enough to keep prayer points at maximum.
  • It is recommended to bring at least 500 Poison bombs, although only 200–300 may be used on a given set of five worlds. Given their low price, players can opt to spam throw bombs without much repercussion.
  • Similar to attacking at a distance, players can sometimes throw bombs over obstacles/clearings to hit enemies on the other side.
  • Poison appears to wear off at around 3 minutes after the initial poisoning.
  • This method, if done well, does not consume a lot of resources like food or prayer-restoring potions. It is still recommended to bring a Pack Yak with additional pouches and supplies just in case.
  • The runes for the spell Dream are also the runes for the spell Spiritual Healing. Players can take advantage of this to extend the duration of each familiar if applicable.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Evil Bob will diminish your stats in this order: Summoning, Prayer, Life points. It is possible to mitigate the effect of the Evil Bob mutator by periodically using super restore potions before running out of Prayer points. However, the amount of time it takes to complete higher level worlds and the inability to predict which negative mutators will be available for selection may exceed the number of available super restores, making this strategy unreliable at higher levels.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Earning shattered anima[edit | edit source]

A checkpoint containing a bank and a rewards chest

In addition to the shattered anima earned by killing enemies and completing side objectives, anima is awarded for completing worlds and reaching a new highest world. This reward and bonus anima is deposited in the reward chest available at checkpoints. As world level increases, the tougher the monsters become, and more shattered anima is received from mobs and reward chests. However, due to the increased difficulty level, the time it takes to complete higher worlds also increases. Therefore, the players must weigh the potential to gain more anima with the time requirements to play the highest level worlds.

Starting with world 200, the shattered anima from killing enemies and goebies caps. Killing 75% of the enemies will yield ~1.2M shattered anima per world, and goebie kills reward ~1.2M anima per goebie. The rewards anima for completing worlds in the reward chest will still increase in amount as the worlds increase.

Bonus shattered anima[edit | edit source]

Bonus shattered anima is awarded upon reaching a world level for the first time. The amount of anima that is awarded increases with the world level. If the player skips worlds as described above, bonus anima is still awarded for each skipped world in the same manner. The amount of bonus anima rewarded for each world and the cumulative bonus anima are given by the following formulae (W = highest world reached):

Bonus anima per world
World Bonus anima World Bonus anima World Bonus anima World Bonus anima World Bonus anima World Bonus anima World Bonus anima World Bonus anima World Bonus anima World Bonus anima
1 0 21 40,000 41 160,000 61 360,000 81 640,000 101 1,000,000 121 1,440,000 141 1,960,000 161 2,560,000 181 3,240,000
2 100 22 44,100 42 168,100 62 372,100 82 656,100 102 1,020,100 122 1,464,100 142 1,988,100 162 2,592,100 182 3,276,100
3 400 23 48,400 43 176,400 63 384,400 83 672,400 103 1,040,400 123 1,488,400 143 2,016,400 163 2,624,400 183 3,312,400
4 900 24 52,900 44 184,900 64 396,900 84 688,900 104 1,060,900 124 1,512,900 144 2,044,900 164 2,656,900 184 3,348,900
5 1,600 25 57,600 45 193,600 65 409,600 85 705,600 105 1,081,600 125 1,537,600 145 2,073,600 165 2,689,600 185 3,385,600
6 2,500 26 62,500 46 202,500 66 422,500 86 722,500 106 1,102,500 126 1,562,500 146 2,102,500 166 2,722,500 186 3,422,500
7 3,600 27 67,600 47 211,600 67 435,600 87 739,600 107 1,123,600 127 1,587,600 147 2,131,600 167 2,755,600 187 3,459,600
8 4,900 28 72,900 48 220,900 68 448,900 88 756,900 108 1,144,900 128 1,612,900 148 2,160,900 168 2,788,900 188 3,496,900
9 6,400 29 78,400 49 230,400 69 462,400 89 774,400 109 1,166,400 129 1,638,400 149 2,190,400 169 2,822,400 189 3,534,400
10 8,100 30 84,100 50 240,100 70 476,100 90 792,100 110 1,188,100 130 1,664,100 150 2,220,100 170 2,856,100 190 3,572,100
11 10,000 31 90,000 51 250,000 71 490,000 91 810,000 111 1,210,000 131 1,690,000 151 2,250,000 171 2,890,000 191 3,610,000
12 12,100 32 96,100 52 260,100 72 504,100 92 828,100 112 1,232,100 132 1,716,100 152 2,280,100 172 2,924,100 192 3,648,100
13 14,400 33 102,400 53 270,400 73 518,400 93 846,400 113 1,254,400 133 1,742,400 153 2,310,400 173 2,958,400 193 3,686,400
14 16,900 34 108,900 54 280,900 74 532,900 94 864,900 114 1,276,900 134 1,768,900 154 2,340,900 174 2,992,900 194 3,724,900
15 19,600 35 115,600 55 291,600 75 547,600 95 883,600 115 1,299,600 135 1,795,600 155 2,371,600 175 3,027,600 195 3,763,600
16 22,500 36 122,500 56 302,500 76 562,500 96 902,500 116 1,322,500 136 1,822,500 156 2,402,500 176 3,062,500 196 3,802,500
17 25,600 37 129,600 57 313,600 77 577,600 97 921,600 117 1,345,600 137 1,849,600 157 2,433,600 177 3,097,600 197 3,841,600
18 28,900 38 136,900 58 324,900 78 592,900 98 940,900 118 1,368,900 138 1,876,900 158 2,464,900 178 3,132,900 198 3,880,900
19 32,400 39 144,400 59 336,400 79 608,400 99 960,400 119 1,392,400 139 1,904,400 159 2,496,400 179 3,168,400 199 3,920,400
20 36,100 40 152,100 60 348,100 80 624,100 100 980,100 120 1,416,100 140 1,932,100 160 2,528,100 180 3,204,100 200 3,960,100
247,000 2,054,000 7,021,000 16,748,000 32,835,000 56,882,000 90,489,000 135,256,000 192,783,000 264,670,000

There are no further one-time bonuses in the worlds following world 200[source needed].

Weekly challenges[edit | edit source]

This repeatable content has a hard reset.
The next period's content will become available immediately, regardless of whether a player has logged out.
Completing a challenge involving many environmental dangers.

Entering the red portal at the Abyssal Knights' headquarters brings up the weekly challenge interface to view and attempt the challenges. Three tiers of challenges, (bronze, silver, and gold) update weekly and will be the same for every player. Completing these weekly challenges rewards large amounts of shattered anima. The bronze ones are usually fairly easy to complete, whereas the gold challenges are substantially more difficult.

Challenges may involve achievements accomplished through normal gameplay (e.g. "clear five worlds above world 20" or "kill 50 demons"), which are tracked and completed while playing Shattered Worlds. Some challenges, however, require a unique set of mutators and enemies which can only be achieved by entering the red challenger portal.

Challenges reset at 00:00 UTC every Wednesday. They can also be reset once a week with a weekly Distraction & Diversion reset token.

Possible challenges[edit | edit source]

Weekly challenges of a given name will always have the same objectives and mutators:

Possible weekly challenges
Title Task Mutators
Bronze: 250,000 shattered anima
Automata Adjustment Kill 50 automata and teach them some respect while using the Automata Adjustment Mutators. Laser Lodestones mutator.png Laser Lodestones, Explosive mutator.png Explosive, Charged mutator.png Charged
British Summer Time Pack your coat and your shorts, you will need both when clearing this world Volcanic mutator.png Volcanic, Freezing mutator.png Freezing, Random
Bug Squasher Kill 50 Spiders. Standard portal.
Frostburn Clear this world using the Frostburn Mutators. Feeling Pumped mutator.png Feeling Pumped, Freezing mutator.png Freezing, Volcanic mutator.png Volcanic
Instability Clear 5 worlds with the Instability Mutators. Feeling Pumped mutator.png Feeling Pumped, Laser Lodestones mutator.png Laser Lodestones, Unstable Rifts mutator.png Unstable Rifts
Novice Adventurer Clear 2 worlds over world 10. Standard portal.
Novice World Traveller Clear 5 worlds. Standard portal.
Shocking Clear 2 worlds with the Shocking Mutators. Charged mutator.png Charged, Hydra mutator.png Hydra, Static mutator.png Static
The Undead Rise Clear this world using the Undead Rise Mutators. Power Grows mutator.png Power Grows, Zombie Apocalypse mutator.png Zombie Apocalypse, Hydra mutator.png Hydra
Silver: 1,000,000 shattered anima
Arachnophobia Defeat 50 spiders with these Arachnophobia Mutators. Explosive mutator.png Explosive, Charged mutator.png Charged
Demon Hunter Kill 50 Demons on world 25 or above. Standard portal.
Demon Slayer Kill 50 demons on world 50 or above. Standard portal.
Experienced Adventurer Clear 2 worlds over world 75. Standard portal.
Experienced World Traveller Clear 10 worlds over world 50 Standard portal.
Hella Mental Defeat 50 elementals with the Hella Mental Mutators. Volcanic mutator.png Volcanic, Rockfall mutator.png Rockfall, Electric mutator.png Electric, Freezing mutator.png Freezing, Combustion mutator.png Combustion
Shelve The Elves Kill 50 elves while using the Shelve the Elves Mutators. Laser Lodestones mutator.png Laser Lodestones, Explosive mutator.png Explosive, Charged mutator.png Charged
Starved Clear 5 worlds with the Starved Mutators. Vampyric mutator.png Vampyric, Hungry mutator.png Hungry, Zone of Suffering mutator.png Zone of Suffering, Catastrophe mutator.png Catastrophe
Zones Clear 3 worlds with the Zone Mutators. Zone of Restoration mutator.png Zone of Restoration, Zone of Suffering mutator.png Zone of Suffering, Random
Gold: 7,500,000 shattered anima
Demon Rush Defeat 50 demons with these Demon Rush Mutators. Laser Lodestones mutator.png Laser Lodestones, Volcanic mutator.png Volcanic, Zone of Suffering mutator.png Zone of Suffering
Firestorm Clear 5 worlds with the Firestorm Mutators. Electric mutator.png Electric, Explosive mutator.png Explosive, Volcanic mutator.png Volcanic, Combustion mutator.png Combustion
Zone of Suffering mutator.png Zone of Suffering, Explosive mutator.png Explosive, Volcanic mutator.png Volcanic, Combustion mutator.png Combustion
Just Keep Moving Clear 5 worlds with Keep Moving Mutators. Zone of Restoration mutator.png Zone of Restoration, Rockfall mutator.png Rockfall, Zone of Suffering mutator.png Zone of Suffering, Catastrophe mutator.png Catastrophe, Static mutator.png Static
Knightmare Defeat 50 knights using the Knightmare Mutators. Laser Lodestones mutator.png Laser Lodestones, Explosive mutator.png Explosive, Charged mutator.png Charged
Master Adventurer Explore and clear 2 worlds over world 125. Standard portal.
Master World Traveller Clear 15 worlds over world 100. Standard portal.
Stardust Crusade Stand against the undead and defeat 50 of them using Stardust Crusade Mutators. Random, Leeching mutator.png Leeching
Un-undead The Undead Kill 50 Undead on world 50 or above. Standard portal.
The Floor is Lava Clear 5 worlds with the following mutators. Combustion mutator.png Combustion, Volcanic mutator.png Volcanic, Explosive mutator.png Explosive, Random
A Quick Trip to Hell Slay 50 demons with the following mutators. Zone of Suffering mutator.png Zone of Suffering, Volcanic mutator.png Volcanic, Random

Current Challenges[edit | edit source]

Current Weekly Challenges (Week of 19 April 2023)
Rank Title Task Mutator(s) Reward (in shattered anima)
Bronze British Summer Time Pack your coat and your shorts, you will need both when clearing this world. Volcanic, Freezing, Random 250,000
Silver Hella Mental Defeat 50 elementals with the following mutators: Combustion, Freezing, Electric, Rockfall, Volcanic 1,000,000
Gold Master Adventurer Explore and clear 2 worlds over world 125. N/A 7,500,000

Previous weekly challenges[edit | edit source]

Previous Weekly Challenge (Week of 12 April 2023)
Rank Title Task Mutator(s) Reward (in shattered anima)
Bronze Novice World Traveller Clear any 5 worlds. N/A 250,000
Silver Arachnophobia Face your fears and kill 50 spiders with the following mutators: Random, Random 1,000,000
Gold A Quick Trip to Hell Enter hell and slay 50 demons with the following mutators: Zone of Suffering, Volcanic, Random 7,500,000

Ninja Strike[edit | edit source]

On 14 April 2020, Shattered Worlds received a number of updates by the Ninja Team. This was celebrated with an event where all shattered anima gains were boosted by 25% until 28 April 2020.

The boost included the anima from killing monsters, side objectives, Blood Money, reaching new highest worlds, and completing the challenges.

The event was notified by the login message The shattered worlds have shifted and pulse with excess anima. They award 25% extra anima until the 28th of April! On entering a Shattered Worlds portal the following message was seen: Shattered worlds award 25% extra anima until the 28th of April!

Music tracks[edit | edit source]

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

This information has been compiled as part of the update history project. Some updates may not be included—see here for how to help out!
  • hotfix 12 Dec 2022 (Update):
    • Lowered the up time of the 'feeling pumped' modifier in Shattered Worlds.
      • Dev Note: This temporary change was made due to increasingly excessive XP rates players had been receiving in conjunction with recent changes to special attacks. The change is considered temporary, whilst the team is investigating more in depth resolutions to the XP issues.
  • patch 9 August 2021 (Update):
    • Updated the cubemaps for Shattered World maps to increase realism on certain materials.
  • patch 26 May 2020 (Update):
    • Fixed an issue where text regarding anima gained in Shattered Worlds wasn't showing the correct translation on non-English worlds.
  • ninja 27 April 2020 (Update):
    • The Ninjas have tackled certain Shattered Worlds bosses back into reachable locations. We'll get you next time, Dharok!
  • update 14 April 2020 (Update):
  • Objectives
    • Three new objectives have been added and the original objectives now have more variety.
    • The original 'Kill x% of enemies' objective now varies between 65-80% instead of remaining at 75%.
    • A 'Deal X Damage' objective has been added. Deal a certain amount of damage in a single world to proceed.
    • A 'Repair the Portal' objective has been added. Enemies have a chance to drop a portal repair kit. Find 3 pieces and repair the portal.
    • A 'Summon and Kill the Boss' objective has been added. Kill enough enemies to summon a boss, then defeat it to proceed.
    • Bosses will appear once every 5th world, and the bosses that have been added are:
      • God Wars Dungeon 1 Generals (not including Nex)
      • Chaos Elemental
      • Dagannoth Kings
      • Barrows Brothers
    • Some weekly challenges have been rebalanced to better represent their difficulty and reward. Previously, Silver challenges would complete around world 25 but will ask you to complete worlds up to 50; Gold challenges took place around worlds 40-50 but will now require you to beat worlds 80-100+.
    • More descriptive examine texts have been added to the altars for the 'Ancient Relic' side objective.
    • The examine text for Ancient Relic itself has been updated to give hints as to its function.
    • 'Minion' enemies that spawn from normal enemies due to the Hydra mutator will now count towards the main world objective.
    • As such, the Hydra mutator has been redesignated as 'neutral', as it can now be used to the player's advantage. Its icon has also changed to reflect this.
  • Rewards
    • Players can now buy Spirits of Battle from the Slayer Mask tab of the Shattered Worlds Reward Shop. These cost 100million anima and can be used to reset the kill count on Slayer masks.
    • Slayer masks have been collected into one tab and are sorted by Slayer level. Greater demons and dagannoths do not have Slayer requirements but are placed in an appropriate slot on the list.
    • 3 new titles have been added to the Shattered Worlds Reward store. Each one costs 150million anima:
      • The Abyssal Knight
      • Animaniac
      • Abyss Diver
    • Teleport scrolls have been added to the Reward Shop. These scrolls will teleport you directly to Shattered Worlds and cost 250,000 anima.
    • Some information will now appear when trying to purchase a locked anima pet.
    • Additionally, a bug has been fixed where this error message would show even if a player could buy the item
    • Additional info-boxes have been added to the reward shop.
    • Info-boxes will now show correctly on mobile.
    • Fixed an issue where some cosmetic rewards, such as the Abyssal Knight override, could not be purchased with a full Inventory.
  • General
    • Players can now use Weekly D&D tokens to reset their weekly Shattered Worlds challenges. This will reset all of your currently completed challenges, and as such can be used even when only one or two challenges are complete.
    • You can no longer repeat Shattered Worlds challenges in the same week without using a weekly D&D token.
    • Shattered Worlds has been added to the Minigames and D&D tracking interface. Here you'll be able to find information on the minigame, which weekly challenges you're currently able to complete, and a teleport to the nearest lodestone.
    • A 'Do not ask me again' option has been added to the chest on checkpoint worlds for players who no longer want to hear how they can save their chest for later.
    • The auto-pickup functionality for anima has been optimised to leave less anima on the ground.
    • The audio for Zones of Suffering and Zones of Restoration have been improved to be more noticeable and will now only trigger when inside the zone.
    • Kenton Decarte will now give players who are new to Shattered Worlds a tutorial on how to play the minigame.
    • The ability to skip worlds based on your performance is now calculated when completing an objective as opposed to when you reach and use the portal. A chat message will appear to remind you how many worlds you've skipped.
    • Being in combat will no longer interrupt and close the Mutator Selection interface.
    • The 'Static' mutator buff bar icon previously displayed stacks from 1-20, where your damage taken was the stack number multiplied by 10. This has now been changed to display a percentage from 10-200 instead. The description of this buff has also been improved.
    • A 'Skip' button has been added to the end of game summary to allow players to skip the animation that shows the calculations for anima gained during the session.
  • Interfaces & Messaging
    • Upon reaching a checkpoint world to inform players that their mutators have been reset and their stats replenished
    • Upon getting a new max hit
    • Upon progressing or completing a challenge
    • The info-box displayed to players when they complete an objective has been made green, so you can see at a glance whether the objective is finished.
    • Comma separators have been added to a number of places where bigger numbers are displayed in an info-box and/or chat message. This includes:
      • When gaining anima from a side objective or the checkpoint chest
      • When a weekly challenge is completed
      • When reaching a new highest world
    • Minimap icons have been added to various items of interest within Shattered Worlds. This includes:
      • Side objectives
      • Bosses
      • Entrance and exit portals
      • Bank chests on checkpoint worlds
    • The start and end interfaces are now more consistent with each other.
    • Tooltips have been added to most interface elements.
    • Tooltips can now be viewed on mobile devices.
    • The 'Equip Me' and 'Feed Me' buttons now use the appropriate builders to show correctly and consistently on the default, legacy, and mobile interface.
    • You can no longer maximise the minigame HUD on mobile, but the interface has been improved so that all information is clearly shown without the need to maximise.
    • The 'anima gained' icon has been changed to use the same icon as the Inventory model for anima.
    • Mutator dropdowns have been removed from the HUD. They now appear in a horizontal list.
    • A tooltip will now appear if you are attempting to start a challenge when none are selected, or when one isn't started from the Challenge Portal.
    • The HUD tooltip for anima has had 'Lifetime' anima removed, and 'Available' anima changed to 'Total' anima.
    • The minigame HUD will now remain on screen when on the checkpoint world.
    • The 'Damage' stat shown on the end screen summary has had its cap increased from 1million to 30million.
    • The Weekly Challenge interface has been improved and will now better display the tier of the challenge in the colour of the title, the mutators that will be in effect, and the reward for completing them.
    • And we've changed the descriptions and titles of some of these challenges to be more thematic
    • The message received when you die during a Shattered World and attempt to open the chest has been adjusted to better describe why you're unable to open it.
    • The 'anima gained' messages that appear when an enemy is defeated have been made to float up more slowly for readability.
  • patch 16 September 2019 (Update):
    • Increased Evil Bob's stat draining effects in Shattered Worlds, so that they're a bit more worth avoiding.
  • patch 27 August 2019 (Update):
    • The examine text for compressed anima in the Shattered Worlds Reward shop has been updated to reflect its recent change with the Sigil Removal update.
  • patch 12 August 2019 (Update):
    • The Shattered Worlds max world reach count has been prevented from increasing before actually reaching the next world.
  • patch 11 March 2019 (Update):
    • Compressed anima recharge costs for Shattered Worlds sigils have now been fixed.
  • patch 18 February 2019 (Update):
    • Made a change to Shattered Worlds that should stop rifts from spawning on inaccessible tiles.
  • ninja 21 January 2019 (Update):
    • Reaching a Shattered Worlds checkpoint now restores lifepoints, prayer points, summoning points, run energy and cures poison.
  • patch 10 December 2018 (Update):
    • Evil Bob will now steal the correct amount of summoning points from the player in Shattered Worlds with the "Catastrophe" mutator.
    • Tweaked Zone of restoration spawns in Shattered Worlds.
  • patch 29 October 2018 (Update):
    • Players can now purchase "Compressed anima" for 45000 Shattered anima each from the Shattered worlds reward shop. This can be used to recharge sigils (acting as the equivalent of 45000 shattered anima), and can also be traded to other players and on the Grand Exchange.
  • patch 14 May 2018 (Update):
    • Slightly tweaked the message given when attempting to open the chest at a Shattered Worlds checkpoint.
  • patch 29 January 2018 (Update):
    • Players no longer receive low combat XP drops from creatures on worlds 115 and above in Shattered Worlds.
  • patch 15 January 2018 (Update):
    • Loot beams and related messages will no longer apply to Shattered Worlds anima.
  • patch 11 September 2017 (Update):
    • By correcting a typo, there are now double the number of possible variations for straight tiles in Shattered Worlds.
  • patch 21 August 2017 (Update):
    • Anima rates from Shattered Worlds have been increased significantly. Worlds 71 and above now reward 29m-37m+ an hour anima depending on your own personal combat ability (and the other random factors).
    • Amount awarded for completion challenges have now increased:
      • Bronze - 250,000
      • Silver - 1,000,000
      • Gold - 7,500,000
    • Price of the Huge Slayer lamps from the Shattered Worlds reward shop has increased to 6,000,000 (from previous cost of 4,000,000 anima) to account for the new and improved anima rates.
  • patch 24 July 2017 (Update):
    • Multiple typos have been fixed throughout Shattered Worlds.
    • The Quick Chat text for your deadliest Shattered World has been changed to state 'reached' instead of 'cleared'.
  • patch 22 May 2017 (Update):
    • Some missing point lights in the Shattered Worlds staging area have been put back in.
    • Broken sigils from Shattered Worlds are now always kept on death.
  • patch 15 May 2017 (Update):
    • The world select on the Shattered Worlds start interface now auto-selects a band based on your highest world reached, rather than starting at world 1.
  • patch 8 May 2017 (Update):
    • The green pointlights on the Shattered World checkpoint islands have been switched to red, to match the corresponding portal.
    • Players will now be healed when reaching a checkpoint in Shattered Worlds.
    • A variety of blocked tiles in Shattered Worlds have been fixed.
    • Loading a bank preset via Shattered Worlds will now ask for a bank PIN.
    • The following quick chat messages have been added for Shattered Worlds:
      • Total Shattered Anima earned
      • Current Shattered Anima
      • Max world reached
      • Max hit ever dealt
      • Max hit ever received
      • Total deaths
    • An issue where sometimes not enough NPCs would spawn to complete a Shattered Worlds objective has been fixed.
  • hotfix 4 May 2017 (Update):
    • Shattered Worlds' NPCs are now weak to everything, rather than having no particular weakness.
  • hotfix 2 May 2017 (Update):
    • The 'Anima Gained' popup has been removed from Shattered Worlds when using the Java client, as it was causing rare a crash which can't otherwise be prevented.
    • Dying in the Shattered Worlds reward chest world is now considered a safe death.
    • Shattered Worlds side objectives which sometimes awarded 0 anima have been fixed.
    • The Shattered Worlds safe death check has been corrected to not apply outside of Shattered Worlds instances.
    • Shattered Worlds reward chests will once again correctly give anima.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Mod Deg stated on the Shattered Worlds showcase he would be very impressed if players could reach world 150, since the difficulty of the mobs increase exponentially as players move from world to world.
  • The examine texts of the red portal and blue portals within the Shattered Worlds reference the red and blue pill from The Matrix. The colours of the portals themselves may also be a reference to the game Portal.
  • The description for the Feeling Pumped buff references the "feel EPIC" line from the Money Supermarket adverts.
  • The description for the Static debuff references the "Simples!" line of the Compare the Market ad campaign.
  • It was originally planned for release in August 2016, however its release was pushed back to 2 May 2017.[source needed]
  • The challenge Stardust Crusade is a reference to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders, a Japanese manga and anime.

Glitches[edit | edit source]

  • Upon the minigame's release, players that died while fighting certain bosses in RuneScape such as Telos, the Warden and Araxxi would be teleported to Shattered Worlds' checkpoint world instead of their respawn point, keeping all their items but losing any streaks they may have had. This has since been fixed.
  • It was possible to enter a portal to the checkpoint world while taking damage, which would result in the damage being taken once in the world. If this happened, it resulted in an unsafe death. This has since been fixed.