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The following is a guide for obtaining all the Shattered Heart rocks the fastest and most efficient way. These methods may not necessarily be the most efficient to gain experience with. For a full list of methods to obtain rocks, see the individual articles on strange rocks and golden rocks. Once a rock is obtained, the likelihood of getting the next golden/strange rock is reduced. Wearing a Cape of accomplishment increases the chances of getting a strange/golden rock in that skill.[1]

Adding Runes to any type of urn of that skill is by far the fastest way to achieve both strange rocks and golden rocks in those skills. This works for Farming, Mining, Smithing, Woodcutting, Cooking, Fishing, Hunter, Runecrafting, Divination and Prayer.

Crystal tools double the chance to receive a strange or golden rock in their related skill.

In all cases in the table below, it is advised to wear the skill's Cape or Master cape if owned. In all cases apart from Summoning, the statue collection bag should be worn (in the case of Summoning, this can be left in the inventory to allow for spirit gems to be worn instead).

Skill Location Teleports What to do Inventory Equipment
Skills for Both Statues
1 Agility Agility The Empty Throne Room Cycling on a Manual Auto-cycle. N/A N/A
2 Construction Construction Player-Owned House Constructing armchair flatpacks.
3 Crafting Crafting Varies Varies Spinning Wool at a Spinning Wheel, or using Crystal Harps.[2] 28 Wool N/A
4 Farming Farming Manor Farm (Player-owned farm) Ardougne lodestone, Ardougne cloak 2+ Turning manure in Manor Farm. N/A N/A
5 Herblore Herblore Meilyr bank Attuned crystal teleport seed Cleaning Grimy herbs (Optional: during Voice of Seren for golden rocks). 28 Grimy herbs N/A
6 Mining Mining Trahaearn Clan Attuned crystal teleport seed Mining Seren stones (Optional: during Voice of Seren for golden rocks). N/A Perked Crystal pickaxe, Crystal skillchompas
7 Smithing Smithing Trahaearn Clan Attuned crystal teleport seed Smelting Corrupted ore with Superheat form (Optional: during Voice of Seren for golden rocks). Corrupted ore Perked Crystal hammer, Orthen Furnace Core
8 Woodcutting Woodcutting Crwys Clan Attuned crystal teleport seed Woodcutting ivy (Optional: during Voice of Seren for golden rocks) or Woodcutting in the Arc. N/A Perked Crystal hatchet, Crystal skillchompas
Specific to Statue of Dahmaroc
9 Cooking Cooking Varies Varies 28 raw fish
Arc mushrooms
10 Firemaking Firemaking N/A N/A 28 Magic logs
11 Fishing Fishing N/A
12 Fletching Fletching Any bank N/A
  • Fletching unstrung[4] bows.
28 logs of normal, oak, willow, maple, yew, magic, or elder type. Crystal knife
13 Hunter Hunter Piscatoris Hunter area or Croesus Front 500 coins Bonecrusher
14 Runecrafting Runecrafting Runespan Wicked hood (right-click teleport) N/A Ethereal outfit, Wicked hood
15 Thieving Thieving Prifddinas Master camouflage Outfit teleport

Attuned crystal teleport seed

N/A Trahaearn exoskeleton set or Camouflage Outfit
Specific to Statue of Rhiannon
16 Divination Divination N/A
17 Dungeoneering Dungeoneering Dragonkin Laboratory Potions, food Combat equipment
18 Magic Magic Waterbirth Island Dungeon N/A Potions, food Combat equipment
19 Attack Melee Waterbirth Island Dungeon N/A Potions, food Combat equipment
20 Prayer Prayer Varies Varies Potions, food Combat equipment
21 Ranged Ranged Waterbirth Island Dungeon N/A Potions, food Combat equipment
22 Slayer Slayer Varies Slayer cape Potions, food Combat equipment
23 Summoning Summoning Amlodd Clan Attuned crystal teleport seed
  • Create pouches at the Amlodd obelisk (Optional: during Voice of Seren)
Spirit shards, charms, and tertiary ingredients

Synergy with other achievements[edit | edit source]

As completing both statue replicas is a requirement for the Trimmed Completionist Cape, it may be more efficient to follow other means to obtain strange and/or golden rocks if other requirements are still yet to be completed. Some examples include:

References[edit | edit source]

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