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Shatter is a threshold Constitution ability, unlockable through Raids from either the untradeable Storm Shards and Shatter Ability Codex, or the tradeable Mazcab ability codex. It is unlocked with the Storm Shards ability. When Shatter hits after Storm Shards, all stacked up damage is applied in one hitsplat, dealing up to a maximum of 30,000 damage. Shatter can miss, but if it misses, no stacks are consumed. With 10 Storm Shard stacks, Shatter deals 750% to 950% ability damage (an average of 850%). Shatter does work in PvP, although the target's use of Freedom halves the number of Storm Shards and consequently their damage received. With 10 Storm Shard stacks, Shatter deals 250% to 320% ability damage against another player (an average of 285%).

If Shatter is used on a target with no storm shard stacks, adrenaline will be lost, but the ability will not initiate cooldown.

Although the ability works best at ten storm shards, this is only when the player isn't under the effects of damage boosting abilities and auras; with them, the player can easily reach the 30,000 damage cap with 5-7 stacks, depending on the combat style being used.

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