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A sharknado can appear in the south-western pool of the Liberation of Mazcab raids arena during the fight with Yakamaru. When this happens, the whirlpool around Yakamaru will grow larger and have sharks circling around it. After several attacks, Yakamaru will release the sharks in a circle, which will drop onto the floor and then explode, dealing 2100-2400 typeless damage per shark to every target in a 3x3 radius. If players use surge or escape before the sharks appear on the ground, they will appear on the tile where the player lands on. The sharks are solid objects, so players should avoid surging or escaping too early or teammates will be hurt by their damage.

It is possible to fish the sharknado. Doing so will reduce the amount of sharks produced, but this is not recommended. Players who fish the sharknado will be forced to go within melee distance, and the risk of a sharknado is minimal once players become more experienced with the mechanics of the raid. It is also possible to kick the sharks away after they have landed but this is similarly not recommended unless there is only one within hit range.

Immediately after the sharks explode, an orange jellyfish will spawn.

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