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Not to be confused with Shade key.

A shadowy key is the rarest possible reward from an ancient casket which is located using a tetracompass. The shadowy key is guaranteed to give Guildmaster Tony's mattock when used on the display case upstairs in the Archaeology Guild main building.

As with the distorted key, the shadowy key awards Archaeology experience equal to that from studying a Complete tome. Unlike most other items that award experience, the key can be banked. Upon using the key on the display case, a message appears reading "As the key approaches the lock, you recognise some odd symbols on the case. You gain some archaeological insight."

Players who reach the shadowy key drop table (a 1/1,000 chance per ancient casket) but fail the 1/10 roll required to obtain a shadowy key will be awarded a distorted key instead, meaning that each ancient casket has a 0.01% chance to award a shadowy key when opened.

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