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Shadow manifestations are monsters created by Raksha, the Shadow Colossus, and appear to be shadow anima versions of feral dinosaurs. They will appear in phase 3 of the fight, where Raksha will display the text Raksha anchors you to the shadows. when it uses one of its special attacks. One shadow manifestation will be summoned for each player in the fight, though they may not target the player they spawned for. They will immediately die when Raksha enters the final stage of the fight.

It is recommended to kill them due to their damage output, along with each of their attacks draining combat stats by 3 levels each, or shortening the duration of any applicable overload variant instead. If they are able to attack multiple times, they will use a wild frenzy attack, hitting the player for a series of melee attacks that also apply an "Armour Break" debuff that reduces the player's total armour rating by 1% per hit.

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