Shadow energy

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Shadow energy is a ball of purple energy that appears during the Raksha, the Shadow Colossus encounter. During both phase 2 and 3 of the fight Raksha can attempt to poison the player's mind, spawning between 2 to 5 shadow energies around the player, dependent on how much shadow anima Raksha has accumulated during the fight. Players can click on them once to expel them, causing them to disappear. While shadow energies are around players, they will take approximately 600 damage per tick, as well as not allowing players to move from their tile; this effect ignores the abilities Anticipation and Freedom.

If the shadow energies are left alone for too long they will explode, dealing 3000 damage each to the player. In a duo, players are affected by their own set of shadow energies and do not have to deal with the damage or explosion of their teammate. Players should note that a shadow energy may spawn on the same tile as them, so be aware to click on their tile if they cannot find one of them.

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